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Bloodlimit Clan Name:
"Masamune", (The name is derived from Japans greatest sword-smith Masamune, who reached near legendary status. His swords are considered works of art in metal smithing).

Bloodlimit Clan Description:
Those born the the Masamune Bloodline have the ability to convert their chakra into magnetic fields and forces. Each member of the Bloodline emits this type field, which allows him or her to control their trademark weapon: "Iron Sand".
(More explained below)

Clan Physique: Each clan member are usually very well built and tall (average height for Male and female are around 6ft-7.5ft). Their hair color ranges from black to dirty blond. Both male and female Clan members grow their hair to or pass shoulder length (traditional lengths). Skin color varies from light to very dark tan shades. Eyes can ranges from light browns to dark blues and greens. Clan members have no specific attire, but may have a wide range of body piercing (which can show social and kekkei genkai ranks)
There is no known reason behind there large stature. Many have speculated that these things may actually help synchronize their body with the constant magnetic field they emit. A larger body could possible mean a potentially larger field. Everything else (from the hair to piercing) may just be away to follow traditional attires.

Common Alignments: Lawful good to Lawful evil. Members of the Masamune clan bear High respect to law. Though years of grudges may say otherwise. They do not wish to repeat the same acts that have been committed to them. "No one should live through the same pain as we do" is a special saying told to all the young. (Its very very rare to have a blood thirsty and purely evil clan member)

Government/Religion: Due to there history of enslavement, Masamune members follow the absolute rule of there feudal lords. Death swiftly follows to those who disagree. Though controlled by a feudal lord, the village itself is allowed to be guided by a council of 5 elders.

Bloodlimit Clan History:

The Masamune clan can trace origins back to the land of lighting as far as 400 years ago. Before they entered the realms of the Shinobi, they have there humble beginning as simple miners. The clan leader, Okazaki Masumane lead his people to work within the mountainous region of lighting country, where they mined and retrieved valued minerals, ore and Iron. Okazaki was a great leader, and even found himself work along side his people.

As time passed, he began to notice that some members of his clan found a way to channel there spiritual/physical energy (aka,Chakra)into moving the earth which the toiled in, as well as creating an easier means to extracting their precious metals. With a decree by Okazaki, all miners and villagers would begin to uses these methods as mean to mine. Prosperity and wealth would flow into their small mountain village for years to come.

Over the next few decades, this metal extraction and earth manipulation slowly became refined and lead to the formation of the Iron Sand clan. The miners and a majority of the villagers were taught that a combination of their natural electric and earth affinities would convert there bodies into walking electromagnets. This magnetic field, which was emitted, then could be used to control “Iron Powder”. The iron powder, which they possessed, allowed them to excavate large portions of earth, and create various tools with ease.
The iron powder manipulation soon took another step and became a weapon. It would not be long until many outsiders took notice of the clan’s abilities…

As trade and wealth increased many outsiders began to demand that the Masamune clan reveal their secrets and techniques. Fortunately, both Okazaki’s descendent's and village elders thought otherwise. The Clan felt that this technique should remain special to their people and only their people; anyone could abuse their techniques and use it against them. Under clan order, they would close themselves to the outside world, preventing there secrets from escaping and only allowing strict trade to continue.

With time, the techniques of the clan would take an evolutionary step. Magnetic field emittance could be performed by anyone in the village with no difficulty, right down to there young. The use of the technique would be second nature to the Masamune clan and thus became their Kekkei Genkai. The people of the Masamune clan continued to prosper, and its people were truly at its golden age. It would not be long until the once forgotten people would catch the attention of greedy feudal lords. Neighboring lords saw the potential behind their Bloodline as not only a means to gain valuable mineral wealth, but also a weapon of great destruction.

Three lords specifically hired outside Ninja and mercenaries to conquer the people of the Masamune clan. War would ensue and end in their defeat. Enslavement to the feudal lords would be there greatest loss. To maintain control and prevent rebellion, a special curse seal would be placed upon each member and newborn chest in the village. It would not only serve as a means of control, but as a mark of their enchainment. Under this new rule, the people of the Masamune clan found themselves fighting senseless wars and committing acts of murder for the next hundred years, all under the decree of their Lords. Outside intervention would never come either as the Feudal lords not only claim the Masamune clan as spoils of the past wars, but placed them in a so called “indentured servitude”.
Decades of suppression have led the clan to bear deep grudges and hatred for their captives. Secretly, they plot for there freedom and revenge but have yet to gain strength or knowledge to do so on there own.

The answer would finally come from the clan’s younger generation. By secretly sending them out and freeing them from there home, the elders of the village hoped that one day, their children would return to them as strong shinobi of other villages, able to liberate the clan once and for all....<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

Bloodlimit Weapons

Gourd of Iron
Rank: All ranks
Type: Gourd type weaponry (primary)
Effect: Holds Iron sand (see more below)
Special:Gourd used by the Masamune clan
Drawback: none
Description: The iron gourd is a large black cylinder with two large red lines running around the top and bottom of the cylinder. The gourd is also designed with few strange marking, kanji and tags here and there. It’s roughly 5 feet long, 2 feet in diameter (worn on the back of clan members). It contains a large amount of Iron sand, which is used for battle and various purposes. The gourd can contain roughly 250lbs of iron sand, which is not heavy to the clan whatsoever. Due the magnetic field which the Masamune clan members emit and the closeness within the magnetic field, the heavy gourd weighs close to nothing. (see more in jutsu section)<o:p></o:p>
Bloodlimit Seals <o:p></o:p>

Curse seal of servitude
Seal Requirements: The seal is given to all members of the Masamune clan. The seal itself was created for the feudal lords who wish to control the entire clan. At around the age of 5, the seal is placed on the lower neck regions of both frontal and dorsal sides of the body (more so on the back of the neck). The reason behind the young age and location is to remind to clan members who they serve.
~Feudal lords Gensho, Hazanko and Diesho all know how to create the seal as they were the ones to overthrow and conquer the Masamune clan. They have only told oh so many people about the seal and its creation (mainly those who are ordered to apply the seal on the Clan members)

Seal Description:
The seal is tattooed on with a dark-red dye. It cannot be removed in anyway possible and all members of the clan bear it around there necks. There are specific and secret hand seal and movements which are performed by the lords which activate the seal (they do not have to be close at all for the seal to work). There are two types of activation from the seal. The first one completely cancels out any and all magnetic fields used by the Masamune clansmen; also send immense/crippling amounts of pain throughout the body. The second one uses the same type of cancellation and causes instant death, destroying neural connection from the head to the body. This causes massive seizures during activation and is horrible to witness. The clan member dies from not only asphyxiation, but complete loss of control for there lower regions (heart failure). Both activation types are extremely painful and help prevent any rebellion or secrets of the clan to be revealed.
Seal Bonus: No bonuses what so ever.
Seal Drawbacks: Besides there own death upon activation, no drawbacks.
Seal Cost: None, only to be placed on the necks of all the members.

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Re: Masamune(Clan)

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Bloodlimit Jutsus

“Polarity Field”
Rank: C, B, A,
Skill: Supplementary, Kekkai Genkai
Effect: Creates a constant field of Magnetism.
Special: The field is constantly emitted. When not in use, the field itself only expands a few inches from the body, but during use, it stretches so that the clansmen may use there Iron sand (directly affected by Rank). To maintain the constant field, Clan members chakra is very well refined (very similar to the refinement levels of the “Aburame clan”) See more below
Drawback: The field cannot be turned off and can only be suppressed to within a few inches off there body. This gives them a small, constant glow to those with chakra seeing power.
Description: Through decades of usage and refinement, Masamune clan members have found a way to convert there chakra into a Magnetic field. They have allowed them selves to become literally “walking electromagnets” with positive and negative poles being emitted from head to toe. Unfortunately, the Masamune clan members cannot turn off this field; they can only suppress it. This means that from a very young age, they have to learn how to refine there chakra to maintain and feed the field around them.
The field itself appears as a rather large dome that is emitted from the user, but in many cases, it can be be stretched and reshaped for certain jutsus and/or chakra conservation (think of the shape created when a magnet placed onto of a pile of iron shavings).
When first learned, obtained, the members of the clan emit a field that stretches 10 meters long. If the iron sand were to pass there maximum range, then the sand would merely fall to the floor and becomes normal iron powder.
This means that the field must be relearn many times over if a clan member wishes to use there Iron sand any further. The training to increase the size of the field remains C-ranked and adding 10 more meters until a distance of 60 meters is achieved. From there, training becomes harder and goes up to B-rank training. Every B-ranked achieved after add an additional 10 meters until 120 meters is achieved. From 120 meters, training becomes much more difficult and is bumped to A-rank. A-rank training reaches a maximum of 180 meters. If the Masamune clan members wish to continue to gain more distance, then training is considered B-rank and you can only acquire 10 additional meters ever time learned.
Limit: Raiton release. Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. Must be relearned, if not, the Iron sand just falls to the floor as normal Iron powder<o:p></o:p>

“Iron Sand Domination”
Rank: C, B, A, S
Skill: Supplementary, Kekkai Genkai
Effect: Allows Clan members to control a set amount of Iron sand within there Magnetic field.
Special: No hand seals are required when controlling Iron sand. (see more below)
Drawback: ---
Description: With this technique, Masamune clan members can control there Iron sand (which is really Iron powder). The Iron sand within the magnetic field they emit is under there complete control. Unfortunately, the clan members can only control a set amount of Iron sand within there magnetic field. <o:p></o:p>

C-ranked knowledge means that Clan members can control roughly 250lbs of Iron sand within there magnetic field.<o:p></o:p>

B-ranked knowledge means that clan members can control roughly 500lbs of Iron sand within there magnetic field.<o:p></o:p>

A-ranked knowledge means that clan members can control roughly 1000lbs of Iron sand within there magnetic field<o:p></o:p>

S-ranked knowledge means that clan members can control roughly 3000lbs of Iron sand within there magnetic field.<o:p></o:p>

After S-ranked, if the a clan members still wishes to control more Iron sand, then training is considered C-ranked, and you can add 150lbs.
Limit: Metal release. Masamune , Kekkai Genkai Must be relearned<o:p></o:p>

Iron Sand Transmutation
Rank: C, B, A
Skill: Supplementary, Kekkai Genkai
Effect: Allows Iron sand to be solidified, yet still controlled.
Special: No handseals required to alter the Iron sand. Directly affected by both “polarity field” and “Iron sand Domination”
Description: With this skill, Masamune clan members can alter and solidify their Iron sand into any shape they desire. Through their Magnetic field, they can command their iron sand to realign and crystallize itself, forming solid Iron shapes. If the solid Iron sand were to go beyond the Magnetic field, it would simply return to its original iron powder state and fall to the floor. Any assortment of weapons can be created through this jutsu, from a large array of kunai, sendon and shuriken to Large swords, staffs, etc.<o:p></o:p>

C-ranked: Allows the clan members to create medium size shapes (Equal to the normal a size of Humans~250bls worth.) <o:p></o:p>

B-ranked: allows the clan members to create Large size shapes
(Equal to the size of a car~1000lbs worth)<o:p></o:p>

A-ranked: Allows the clan members to create Huge size shapes
(Equal to large trucks~ unlimited worth)<o:p></o:p>
Limit: Metal release. Masamune , Kekkai Genkai<o:p></o:p>

"Setsudanki" (Serration)
Rank: D-ranked
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: Adds sharper triangular edges to solid iron sand. Maybe paired with most Iron sand creations.
Special: Dog hand sign only
Drawback: ---
Description: With this jutsu, Masamune clan members can add sharp triangular edges of any design to there Solid Iron sand. This add additional slashing and cutting power to there weaponry or Iron sand
Limit: Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, Iron sand Transmutation and Iron sand Domination<o:p></o:p>

Iron sand Extraction
Rank: C, B, A
Skill: Supplementary, Kekkai Genkai
Effect: Extracts Iron to add to the users command
Special: No handseal
Drawback: Cannot extract any iron sand beyond that of the Magnetic field emmited. Some areas cannot yield the desired Iron what so ever
Description: By pumping additional amounts of chakra into there polarity field, users can extract the and convert metal in the ground to be used as Iron sand. The field creates a sort of a "vacuum" effect which can be used to break down rocks, stone, etc. and extract iron sand.<o:p></o:p>
C-rank: Allows for free floating metal particles to be extracted from the ground below. In about one post, a user can add roughly 200 lbs of of iron sand to there field<o:p></o:p>
B-rank: Allows much more iron to be extracted for use. The polarity fields penetrates deeper into the ground below, tapping large amounts of Iron to be used . Roughly 400lbs extracted in one post.<o:p></o:p>
A-rank: The speed at which extraction occurs as well as the amount increases. In addition to the ground metals being converted into Iron sand, enemy weaponry will slowly break down and be used as apart of the iron sand reserves. Roughly 800lbs of iron sand can be extracted within one post from the floor. Extracting iron sand from enemy weapons takes 12 posts. Taking iron sand from weapons is a longer process, and extract very little sand (not very effective). Weapons look as if they are slowly crumbling into sand and cannot be pulled away from opponents.
Limit: Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, Iron sand Transmutation and Iron sand Domination

"Satetsu No Bushin" (Iron Sand clones)
Rank: C, B
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: Creates clones of Iron sand that can fill of variety of tasks.
Special: Dog, Dragon, tiger
Drawback: Can only travel 3/4 of the users “Polarity field”. Moves somewhat slow since there made of iron
Description: By solidify the Iron sand, The user is able to create clones of iron sand, with hollowed insides (to use less chakra and sand). The clones can punch, kick and use weapons assigned by the user. C-rank allows 3 clones to be create, while B-ranked allows 6 clones to be created. The clones can take a good hit, but revert back to its original powder state if struck with an attack that is stronger then "1C-rank". If the user wishes to attain more clones, then it is considered C-ranked training, to add 1 more clone.
Limit: Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, Iron sand Transmutation and Iron sand Domination

"Satetsu Kidou" (Magnetic Orbital Assault)
Rank: C-ranked
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: Creates multiple triangle the size of large tennis balls which hover around the user. Used in both attack and defense
Special: Dragon, Rat
Drawback: Lasts for 10 turns
Description: By solidifying there Iron sand, the user creates 5 triangles which hover and orbit roughly a few feet around the body. These little triangles continue to hover around the user and provide an offensive and defensive orbit. If an enemy were to come to close, the triangles can proceed to attack by colliding into the enemies body, Or can be used to deflect throwing projectiles by colliding into them. If the user wishes to add more Triangles, they can relearn this jutsu and add 3 more triangles to the orbit. (Maximum of 15 all together)
Limit: Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, Iron sand Transmutation and Iron sand Domination

"Iron Golem"
Rank: B-ranked
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: Creates a large human statue like structure(hollow) which can be ridden, very similar to clones. The golem can attack or serve other purposes.
Special: Dragon, Dog, Tiger, Rat
Drawback: Consumes a lot of Iron sand, and the golem is slow moving. Bigger targets are easier to hit.
Description: After the handseals are performed, a pulse of chakra is released into there polarity fields, causing a ripple-like to occur in the iron sand on the floor/air. From the ripple, hands, head and a body begins to rise from the Iron powder. Eventually, a large 25ft monstrosity stand in the middle of the battle field. Under the control of the user, the golem can attack, via punches, kick, or be equipped with weapons created from the Iron sand. The Golem can easily topple and attack building, and can withstand at least "4C-rank hit" before returning to its normal state.
Limit:Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, B-ranked in both Iron sand Transmutation and Iron sand Domination

"Satetsu Shojo"(Iron Maiden)
Rank: A-ranked
Skill:Ninjutsu, offensive
Effect: The deadly finishing move of the Masamune clan. If they capture an opponents in Iron sand, then can proceed to impale them within a large metal box
Special:Must capture opponent in Iron sand, Holds Tiger seal.
Description: Upon capturing an enemy in their iron sand, The user allows the Iron sand to surround the opponents body completely immobilizing them. The iron sand begins to reform and reshape into a medieval "Iron Maiden". Only the eyes of the opponent are exposed during this. Within seconds, the iron sand on the surface turns inward and begins to form spikes which impale the enemy all over there body(head to toe), killing them very fast or slow if the user wishes so.
Limit:Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, and Iron sand Domination, B-ranked in Iron sand Transmutation

"Satetsu Yochi" (World Of Iron)
Rank: A-ranked
Effect: Extracts a large sum of Iron instantaneously, covering the field with Iron powder
Special: Bird, Dog, Tiger, dragon, Dog
Drawback: Cannot be performed on a body of water. Some geographic areas lack the potential of bearing the mass amounts of iron.
Description: After the handseals are performed, the shape of the users polarity field changes. Instead of the normal dome shape projection, the field bends downward (shrinking), making somewhat of a half hourglass shape. With the polarity field focused downward, it can penetrate deep into the earth, allowing the user to follow up with a increased vacuum effect (which extracts mass amounts of iron particles form the ground below). Within seconds, the earth begins to up turn and iron powder, particles and clumps spout upon the land, covering the entire field. The land turns black in Iron sand, all to be used at the disposal of the user.
Limit:Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, and Iron sand Domination, B-ranked in Iron sand Transmutation
B-ranked Iron sand Extraction

Iron Sand Drizzle (砂鉄時雨, Satetsu Shigure)
Rank: A-ranked
Skill:Ninjutsu, Offensive
Effect: Suspends a large array of Iron sand in the air, used to hurl at the opponents.
Special: Holds dragon only
Drawback: Iron sand can travel beyond the polarity field, being lost in the process.
Description: The user commands his/her iron sand to suspend itself in the air. Upon holding the dragon handsign, he/she give each clump of sand its own magnetic field. The magnetic field given to the clumps of suspended iron are actually opposite to the users. Doing this, causes the multiple Iron lumps to be expelled violently from the users own field, turning the clumps into bullet-like projectiles. The ridiculous speed at which they travel can pierce through the human body like butter, and even thick stone, body armor and wall as well.
Limit:Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, and Iron sand Domination, B-ranked in Iron sand Transmutation

Iron Sand World Order (砂鉄界法, Satetsu Kaihō)
Rank: S-ranked
Skill:Ninjutsu, offensive
Effect: Creates a mass of "Iron Roots" that will pierce everything below it.
Special:Dragon, Dog, Dragon, Hold Rat.
Drawback: Must have a large sum of Iron sand used. The iron sand used during this cannot be used afterward for the duration of 2 turns (this is due to the fact that it must all be broken down and returned into Iron sand once more, which is a large process.)
Description: Taking a large sum of Iron sand, The user suspends the mass in the air. As soon as the Rat handseal is performed last, The iron sand begins to compact and solidify very fast, forming large spiked Iron roots. The roots then smash into the earth below, impaling and slashing all those who are underneath it. The roots are so heavy and so numerous, that then even continue to crash deep into the earth below.
Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. B-rank in Polarity field, A-ranked in Iron sand Domination and Iron sand Transmutation

"Shougeki Koa" (Ballistics Core)
Rank: C-ranked
Skill: Ninjutsu, offensive
Effect: Explodes selected creations, causing shrapnel to damage enemies.
Special: Rat, Dog. Use Tiger to activate
Drawback: May harm both friend and foe. Iron sand may also exceed polarity field and be lost. Must make some sort of physical contact with creations.
Description: By creating a small orb of intensified electrical chakra, the user can cause an Iron sand creation to explode. He/she must place electrified chakra orb into a creation, which drastically and violently shifts the magnetic fields in the orb (which are opposite to the users) upon command. The solid creations begin to erupt and explode outward, causing lumps of fast moving iron and shrapnel to collide and harm everyone (radius of 20 meters).
Limit: Cloud village exclusive (Raiton release). Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, Iron sand Transmutation and Iron sand Domination

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Re: Masamune(Clan)

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"Otoshiana" (Iron tooth trap)
Rank: C-rank
Skill: Ninjutsu, Supplementary
Effect: Creates a deadly "bear trap" like weapon on the floor that can work independently for the users Polarity field.
Special: Boar handseal. Multiple traps may be laid. (see more below)
Drawback: Cannot last longer for 10 posts. Maybe seen with chakra seeking powers. Somewhat slow in reaction. User may lose sand in the process.
Description: By placing a small amount of there own chakra in a small pile of iron sand (via the Polarity field or otherwise), the user may set a bear trap-like device with Iron sand. If an opponent were to walk on the iron and placed on the floor, it springs this technique and creates a set of large gapping teeth of solid iron sand to clamp onto the opponents leg. The trap reacts to movement, thus tries to close onto the opponent who walks upon it. The main draw back is that the iron sand must shift from its powder state to a solid by itself, which may prove to be a slow process. Nonetheless, an effective jutsu that does not require the users polarity field to work.
Limit:Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, Iron sand Transmutation and Iron sand Domination

"Karada Kousatetsu"(Iron sand Body Armor)
Rank: C-rank
Skill: Ninjutsu, defensive
Effect: Allows the user to create a suite of armor from iron sand
Special: Hold Dragon while Iron sand forms around user
Drawback: -----
Description: By allowing the iron sand to cover there body, the user can transform the iron powder into a suite of armor. The Iron powder will begin to surround the user, with some parts solidifying,while others remaining in a powdered form. The solidifying Iron sand acts like strong plates of Iron (think like scales), while the none solidified portions still allows for movement. The user from head to toe is covered in this plated armor (with eyes, ears, etc exposed for senses), armor is extremely durable, and can withstand "3C-ranks" jutsus before being destroyed. (3 to activate, 1 to maintain)
Limit:Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, Iron sand Transmutation and Iron sand Domination

"Magunechikku Arashi" (Magnetic Tempest)
Rank: C-ranked
Skill: Ninjutsu, supplementary
Effect: Uses polarity field and Iron sand to defy gravity.
Special: No handseals required.
Drawback: This does not mean a person can fly with this technique. They merely hover, float, etc.
Description: The users take a small sum of Iron sand, and forms it into a round, flat, Iron disc. The disc is roughly the same diameters as the users body. By standing upon this thin disc, the user can hover about the ground, and move about the field with much more ease and speed. The polarity field lets the user lift his own weight (or the weight of others) via the iron sand. More than one disc can be created, and the jutsu itself does not require much chakra to maintain. The users ranks effects how high the disc can hover from the floor. (Genin can reach the high of small building, Chunnin can reach over tall building, while Jounin can reach almost unlimited distances). (1 to activate, 0.5 to maintain)
Limit:Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, Iron sand Transmutation and Iron sand Domination

"Satetsu shokushu" (Iron Tendrils)
Rank: C-ranked
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: Creates offensive/defensive type tentacles from back.
Special: Dog, rat, dragon, bird
Drawback: ---
Description: The users solidifies their iron sand and creates 2 large whip like tentacles (roughly 10 meters long, 4in thick). The tentacles can stay close to the body of the user, attaching themselves to the users back or gourd; or be used upon a pile of Iron sand on the floor (like a tendril sticking straight out from the floor). These tentacles can fulfill a variety of tasks, from attacking and slashing opponents like whips, or providing some sort of defense against close range attacks. If the user wishes to gain more tendrils, then they must relearn this technique over again, gaining two more tendrils each time (Max of Cool
Limit:Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, Iron sand Transmutation and Iron sand Domination

"Satetsu Hashira" (Iron Pillars of Demise)
Rank: B-ranked
Skill:Ninjutsu, Offensive
Effect: Creates four large triangular spikes to to crash ontop of the opponents
Special: Tiger, dog, boar, Holds dragon
Drawback: Maybe dodged as they are some what slow moving. May harm friend and foe.
Description: After performing the handseals and holding the dragon handsign, the user quickly solidifies and suspends a mass of Iron sand above there opponents. The Iron sand is reshaped and reformed into large spikes (4) that are very heavy and sharp. The purpose of these spikes are to crash and impale there opponents from above. Since they are very heavy and numerous, they are very useful in breaking through their opponent defenses or scattering groups of people. The force of the spikes alone (crashing into the earth) sends dangerous debris everywhere, which may cause additional damage (very little though)
Limit:Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, and in Iron sand Transmutation, B-ranked in Iron sand Domination

"Spear of Okazaki"
Rank: D-ranked
Skill: Ninjustsu, offensive
Effect: Creates a special weapon favored by the Masamune clan, slashes, cuts and pierces enemies.
Special: Holds "Dragon" during its creation.
Drawback: (see below)
Description: By solidifying a mass of Iron sand while holding the dragon hand sign, the user can create a large 6 foot, black halberd/spear like weapon. Its has a small round nob at its end and near the blade itself. This weapon is very special, as the Clan leader once wielded it during battle and as a tool in the mines. There are no special properties behind the weapon itself, beside the fact that it is very sharp and easy to wield/control in the Polarity field (feels very weightless in the field). The weapon is durable, but can break just like any other weapon, and return to its Iron sand state.
Limit: Masamune , Kekkai Genkai. C-rank in Polarity field, Iron sand Transmutation, and in Iron sand Domination

Iron Sand Dome- “Those who strike me, shall meet with their fate”
Rank: C, And an additional c rank training to sustain more damage (see below)
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: Puts a defense around the user
Special: Handseals
Drawback: Can’t be used outside the users polarity field, cuts polarity field distance by one-fourth their total meters.
Description: After forming a small flurry of handseals, the user is able to call their iron sand around them, forming a defensive dome. The dome is only 3 meters wide, and 4 meters tall. It can be formed anywhere in the polarity field of the user. Once formed the barrier is able to withstand three c ranks worth of damage. The amount of damage it can take increases by one c rank, for each additional c rank of training. The user is stuck inside the dome unless they are forced out or release the technique. The floor of the dome is covered in iron sand as well, so it is a perfect half sphere, and the bottom is perfectly flat.
Limit: Must have metal release

The Eye of Iron “Bow Before My Gaze”
Rank: C
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: The user forms iron sand into the shape of an eye.
Special: Handseals
Drawback: You lose control of which ever eye you cover.
Description: After flashing the handseals, the users covers one of his eyes. Through a chakra link, the user is able to block the energy coming to the covered eye and connect it to the sand eye. This allows the user to see through the new eye.
Limit: Metal Release

Iron Fist Demolition "Bow before my iron grip."
Rank: C
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: See description
Special: Must be wearing the iron sand armor (at least on your arms.)
Drawback: You will lose the iron armor covering your arms
Description: The user focuses chakra into the armor covering his arms. Then after a punch-like motion, the user releases his control on the chakra, causing it to burst forth. This burst has no effect on the users actual punch strength, but it does provide a great offensive weapon. When the burst occurs, the Iron sand covering the users arm explodes out towards the direction of the punch and forms a shrapnel like effect.
Limit: Metal release, Iron Sand armor

Iron beast of retribution "Understand this pain you've brought on yourself."
Rank: B
Effect: below
Special: While wearing Iron Sand armor, the user places his two hands palms against each other while forming the technique. May only use once per thread, and twice per day.
Drawback: Still have the drawback from wearing sand armor (reducing the polarity field by half), and also lose an additional 10 meters from the distance of your polarity field. You also lose the ability to make handseals while in effect. Drains a c rank chakra every turn
Description: While wearing the iron sand armor, the user places the palms of his hands together and focuses their chakra into the armor. This chakra distabalizes the armor, and begins to change it. It goes through a transformation into that of powerful form. The exact image that it turns into is able to change with every user, but the similar traits are that they have a powerful tail, their arms become bigger, and their body becomes much larger. They essentiall grow to twice their normal size. While in this transformed state the actual person gains nothing, but it is almost like wielding a large weightless sword. In this state, they are able to wield their iron sand as an extension of their body, giving them the ability to generate great force, with minimul effort. the strength of your iron sand domination is what detrmins your physical power in this mode. Their iron sand armor also gains an increased level of durability (able to take 6 B ranks of damage).
Limit: Metal release, iron sand armor

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Re: Masamune(Clan)

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