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Shi (Bloodline/Clan)

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Naoe Clan History

They are originally from the land of Waves. Little is known about clan members of the past, but the clan is now making a comeback.

What is known about the past is that they were the most secretive of clans out of all shinobi. They guarded the secrets of their techniques even more forcefully than the hyuuga of the leaf. They did this by making sure that only a select few left the village. These few were called the holders of the Tomo-Kezangan, or the All Seeing Eye. Sadly, while the only living three members with this Kekkei Genkai ability were away, the Naoe were wiped out by a nomadic tribe. The clan has not surfaced until recently, when Shi Sasuke began to showcase his abilities as a ninja wielding the Tomo-Kezangan. He was the only one who knew all of the secrets of all Levels of the Tomo-Kezangan, until he wrote a scroll, and preserved it in the clan hall. By simply looking in the clan leader's eyes would allow a member of the Naoe clan to advance their eye's level. Too much advancement may kill someone though. The other way of Advancing the Kezangan is the opposite of the Sharingan. A moment where complete love is expressed or felt is needed. It must be a true love, and each circumstance must be greater than the last. Example-

Sasuke Shi was given love by his family as a child-Lvl 1-Lvl2

Sasuke met his wife-Lvl2-Lvl3

Sasuke harbors a new love for his clan as it's leader-Lvl3-Lvl4

Sasuke's wife sacrifices herself out of love for him and the village-Ascended

The Naoe Clan is often called the Shi clan due to their surnames. Shi means that which was lifeless.


Tomo-Kezangan- The All Seeing Eye

the ability that allows the following in the Naoe clan-

Concealing one's chakra from others; Manipulating one's Chakra (i.e. transfering chakra to inanimate objects and having them use jutsu/ Creating Clones with real Chakra systems.); Seeing into the soul; Seeing through tangible objects; Shikai martial arts. It allows users to see through illusions, and also to fool eyes that can see Chakra. It is a type of reverse Sharingan that does not let the user learn the jutsus of opponents, but instead makes opponents forget their moves temporarily. It also cannot predict motions like the sharingan or see 360 degrees like the byakugan. (It's activation costs 1 chakra point +.5 to maintain for first 3 levels, 2 points +.5 to maintain at levels 4 and 5, and 3 points + .5 to maintain at ascended level.)

Level 1- Allows sight through tangibles and small insight into soul. Conceal one's chakra. (Genin)

Level 2- Previous and ability to manipulate one's chakra (Genin/Chunnin)

Level 3- Previous and Use clan Ninjutsu. Enough insight into soul to use Shikai (Chunnin)

Level 4- Previous and Use clan Genjutsu and Taijutsu See through illusions (Chunnin/Jounin)

Level 5- All Kezangan techniques (Jounin)

Ascended- Allows the user to use Master Clan techniques (Jounin)

Bloodline Taijutsu Style:

Name: Shikai (lifeless fist)
Desciption: Transfers Chakra into the soul of an opponent severely disoreinting them, depending on the user’s level of Kezangan (1 being maybe off-balancing an opponent, while Ascended may make the target lose track of time and space around them, making them barely conscious after a few blows. It causes confusion of Mind, Body, and Soul. It is deceptive and much akin to Wushu or Drunken Boxing
Chakura Usage: Effects: Incapacitates opponents on touch for a short time. Usually just throwing them off balance
Ranked Needed: 3 and above

Name: Tomo-Kezangan style Wushu
Desciption: A style of fighting that can be used one of three ways.

-Mountain: Makes the user seem unshakable. Can withstand taijutsu without being off balanced. Pain is still felt, and user can be knocked unconcious

- Lightning: Makes the user strike quickly and precisely at pressure points on opponent's body.

- Water: Used to counter most any taijutsu technique. As long as the user has studied human anatomy, and also has an understanding of his opponent's style, he is able to produce a move that counter strike's the opponent. Often the downfall of inexperienced ninja.

Ranked Needed: Level 1 and above

Name: Tomo-Kezangan secret hidden wushu Shikai Katon style

Description: The opponent is made to think that they are feverishly, and fatally ill, due to a precise striking of the soul

Rank needed: 2 and above

Bloodline Dojutsu:

Name: Tomo-Kezangan Clone
Description: A Clone that holds an actual Chakra system that is able of performing jutsus. It is like the clone jutsu taught in the academy, simply an illusion to the touch. Can be created anywhere. See Faux Clone for other abilities
Chakra Usage: 2
Rank Needed: 2 and above

Name: Tomo-Kezangan Faux Clone

Description: The genin level of a Kezangan clone. Can be used for spying etc. user retains information learned by the clone. Chakra Usage: 1 Rank Needed: 1 and above

Name: Tomo-Kezangan Dust
Description: A strong Genjutsu which creates a dust that obstructs the vision of the opponent. Unlike other Genjutsu, it only works if the opponent knows that it's there. The more they try to escape, the worse it gets. If someone just lets their mind be completely relaxed it will stop, but this opens them up for more Genjutsu. It is impervious to any Kai ability so it depends completely on the user's ability to make the opponent panic, while making sure that the jutsu is still active. Opponents have been known to fake that they were still in this jutsu, but actually escape. Chakra Usage: 3
Effect: Obstructs Vision and if let far enough seem completely real to opponents, including making them unconcious
Rank Needed: 4 and above

Name: Tomo-Kezangan soul reading
Description: An advanced technique that allows the user to see the intentions of a target, therefore seemingly being able to read their moves. Does not actually read their moves, but only foresee an attack. Some skillful users can feign a sharingan like effect
Chakra Usage: N/A
Rank Needed: 1 and above

Name: Tomo-Kezangan Animation
Description: Allows the user to make seemingly inanimate objects come to life. Though they seem to move, they really don't, but the jutsu that they use are absolutely real. It is a Nin/Genjutsu Hybrid
Chakra Usage:4
Effects: Only in a 10 meter radius can it be activated. Ascended level can activate it for 100 meters. Only on inannimate (things that don't think for themselves) objects. Can be used on weak minded animals.
Rank Needed: Level 3 and above

Name: Tomo-Kezangan Flash
Description: Makes the user appear quicker, due to acceleration their movements with remote chakra manipulation. Sort of like a puppet technique used on oneself
Chakra Usage:3 to activate, and .5 per turn to maintain
Effects: raises speed to the equivalent of opening 5 of the eight gates
Rank Needed: Level 3 and above

Master Clan Techniques -

Name: Tomo-Kezangan Chakra Molding

Description: Can mix ones own Chakra with any substance creating a new chakra

Chakra Usage: All but what’s needed to live

Effects: Changes one's Chakra permanantly

Rank Needed: Ascended

Name: Tomo-Kezangan Technique release

Description: Powerful ninjutsu that can make opponents forget techniques that they have used. The user must see the end result of the Jutsu before dispeling it. It's effect only lasts as long as the user keeps his Kezangan active.

Chakra usage: Same as the technique being forgotten

Effects: Target forgets techniques while the Kezangan remains active (does not apply to other Eye Techniques accept those of the Kezangan.)

Rank needed: Levels 5 and Ascended

Name: Tomo-Kezangan Shikai Unleashing

Description: An ascended version of the Shikai Taijutsu that allows the user to damage the opponent's soul, sending them into a state of despair, until the user lifts the "Shikai Curse".

Chakra Usage: 3/4 of the user's chakra

Effects: Make's target useless indefinately

Rank Needed: Ascended

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