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Dragon Summoning Contract

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Info: A proud race of humongous, extremely powerful animals that have neither friends nor enemies in the world of summoning creatures. They do not associate with any other summoning group.

Seiryuu , The King of Dragons
20 40 Saanin Seiryuu is the King of Dragons and has the ability to breathe any element at the cost of 3cp. He is 450 meters long and is capable of flying. It has tough scales that can only be damaged by S-ranked jutsu. He can perform other jutsus such as henge, fire jutsu's, various others, he also can use all the dragons abilities but a weaker version though they still are powerful. No other dragon will fight him

The Dark Dragon
20 40 Saanin The Legendary Dark Dragon. It has all the abilities of the other dragon and when scratched by its razor sharp scales it can be a fatal poison if not treated soon after. Its about 400 feet tall and no other dragon will fight it except the Solar Dragon

The Solar Dragon
20 40 Saanin The Legendary Solar Dragon.It has all the abilities of the other dragon and when scratched by its razor sharp scales it can heal any wound. Its about 400 feet tall and no other dragon will fight it except the Dark Dragon
Huge Dragons
15 35 Jounin The hydra is the greatest jounin dragon summon it has the control of water and the ability to use water jutsu that are not custom techniques. The hydra has 9 heads and if any of these heads are severed another will immediatly grow and take its place. The hydra also exhales a deadly poison that could kill their opponents if they are inhale it for a long time, it also has venom in its teeth with the same effect, so try no to get bitten.

White Dragon
15 35 Jounin This incredible strong dragon is very fast and is capable of flight. It is able to fire blast of blue fire and white lightning. Also this dragon is capable of drawing a great amount of energy to its mouth and fire a orb that when it makes contact with something explodes with a deadly force.

Black Dragon
15 35 Jounin This incredibly strong dragon is very fast and is capable of flight. It is able to breathe fire and has high defense. It is also able to breathe small meteors.

Fire Dragons
15 35 Jounin One to five giant western style dragons(about 55 feet tall) that can breath and control their fire blasts and fly, and live in extremely hot conditions. Has powerful fire techniques and has a heat wave surrounding it that can burn the opponents

Ice Dragons
60 foot tall blue dragon that breathes a freezing blast of air, it can also control it's own ice and has temperature control so that it can lower the temperature of its surroundings, and thus live in freezing conditions. (Knows hyoton clan techniques up to jounin level, except crystal ice mirrors.

Stone Dragons
15 35 Jounin A 50 foot long chinese dragon with many defensive jutsus. He is almost indestructable and is impenetrable to all jutsu except strong lightning based techniques, and has strong earth based jutsu.

Lightning Dragons
15 35 Jounin 30 foot tall western style dragon who is versed in many forms of ground and arial combat. He can breathe bursts of lightning, live in thunder storm conditons, and do lightning jutsus. He is very tough.

Large Dragons

10 20 Chuunin The child of ryu, this dragon can breath fire, ice, and lightning. It also has a head as strong as diamond, and has the ability to shape shift.

8 18 Chuunin This dragon can live in fire conditions and breath fire.

8 18 This dragon can live in aquatic enviroments, and breath ice and shoot water from its mouth.

Human Sized Dragons

Baby dragon
6 12 Genin A 4 foot tall western style dragon that is almost useless in a battle but can breath fire and use basic fire jutsu, and has good defense.
half hatch egg 4 7 Genin A baby dragon that has hatched but wont come out of it's egg shell. It has great defensive abilities.

Dragon egg
3 0 Genin The egg of the dragon kings, that will hatch when it is needed, that has a hard outer coat that can be used for defense.

Element Manipulation- After mastering your dragon summoning ability, you can bond with one or more dragons to learn how to manipulate an element as they do, this can only be learned by jounin level ninja.

Dragon Scales- dragon scales appear as a wall infront of the summoner to protect them from high powered attacks

Dragon Forms:

as a bonus for signing the contract the user obtains a dragon form, all new contract signers start at form 1, and have to train to attain next level. The colour of the scales in each form differ, it depends on which dragon they bond with; abilities also differ in forms depending on which dragon you bond with as well.

Perk with attaining a form: The user is able to sense chakra up to 30m, and is immune to any foreign substance or things that have a posibility of harming the user's inside, ex: poisons, drugs, toxins. So far there has only been 3 known forms, but there is one fourth form which has been an old secret.

Doragon Katachi Bou "Dragon Form 1"

Cost: 10

Explanation: After the user forms the dragon hand seal with blood on hand. The user's skin color starts to change into this dark reddish color. As for another feature the users strength, speed, and toughness is doubled. This form stays on until the end of the battle, but it can be deactivated by forming the dragon seal and by giving another 10cp of the user's chakra. Yet once deactivated the user is unable to properly move for a few minutes (5 turns of posts). [Gennin]

Doragon Katachi Ni "Dragon Form 2"

Cost: 15

Explanation: In this form the user's speed, strength, and toughness is increased by 5 fold. Yet what is different about this one is that the user is able to pay half the chakra to any technique that involves his/her chakra type(s). For the other kinds of techniques the user has to spend double the cost for other techniques that arent their chakra type. This form as well lasts until the end of battle, but can be deactivated for 15cp of the users chakra. Once deactivated the user immedieatly passes out and can no longer move for a whole day, you can not use the character for the rest of the day(normal time). What physical changes to the user is that: they start to grow scale all over the body, again the body will still have the same dark reddish color, the user will start too look like a little more of a dragon, but still has human features, the hair turns black and grows longer, the users feet and hands turn into claws/talons, and finally wristblades are made of course at where the wrists are. [Chuunin]

Doragon Katachi San "Dragon Form 3"

Cost: 20

Explanation: In this form after activating the user is consumed by this ominous gray aura that starts to thicken to the point where he can't be seen. Even with those that can see chakra all they will see is the aura and of how much chakra there is. Slowly the user will start to change into more of this dragon humanoid. Unlike the other two the humanoid will grow a tail, wings, and look more muscular, but the form will still have the features that the second form had. Another thing about this form is that with the high physical changes and the amount of chakra and to maintain the form. The user can't control it for very long so once the time limit of that level expires they will lose control and go into a nonstop rampage of destruction attacking even friends. In this form the users speed and strength is increased by 10 fold, but the toughness is different. As only piercing weapons and attacks work on the form, and its toughness is able to take little to no damage from techniques that are of the same chakra type the user has. For jounins/chuunin they can only stay in control for 20 turns of posts, and for sannin/kage 40 turns of posts. Once the form is deactivated the user loses the ability to move and use chakra for 24 hours, and that means he/she can not be used until the next day at the time he/she used it. [Jounin]

Doragon Katachi Yon "Dragon Form 4"
Requirements to gain: be in the 3rd Form, and must be in an important to the character, you must explain of why the match is important to the character if asked, and the following can not be a reason(s): wants to know if he is strong, seeing how strong, and killing someone just to reach it.
Explanation: This is the true last and final form of the Doragon Katachi. The only person to do it was the first owner of the contract. Till than no one has tried, haven't been able to do it, or just didn't know. To obtain this form is very difficult and dangerous as it requires the user to be in a fight that is important to them. First, the user must be in the third dragon form within the control limit, then he forms the dragon hand seal, and finally he exerts chakra outwards at a fast rate that will make it seem like the chakra is going to burn. The exerted chakra will start to form into a head of a dragon and shoot outwards into the sky taking the 3rd dragon form away. This takes about 4 turns of posts, and once done the results will be: the user will return to looking human, he has gray hair, his strength, speed, and toughness will increase by 10x, the user will still be somewhat part dragon, the only thing about this form is that once achieved the user will always remain in this form permanently unable to become full human again, and yet the genetics of the 4th form can be passed on, but there is little chance that it will pass on to the user's children. That is why the way of obtaining this form is the toughest and most risky out of any of the forms. Once the user obtains the form in the fight he/she obtained it than half of the chakra spent for the 3rd form returns to the user. [Jounin]

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