One-Tailed (Shukaku)

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One-Tailed (Shukaku)

Post  jah_chidori on Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:49 pm

Shukaku was once said to be the corrupted spirit of a Suna priest that turned into a demon, but it is actually one of the tailed beasts. It was originally sealed inside a tea kettle, and then placed inside its first jinchūriki. When Karura, the wife of Fourth Kazekage, became pregnant, her husband ordered Chiyo to seal Shukaku inside an unborn Gaara, but only after being removed from the second host. Karura died as a sacrifice for the sealing process, and cursed all the people of Sunagakure, including her husband, for what they had done.

Shukaku is intelligent, but also incoherent, giving it the demeanor of a drunkard, which fits well with the typical depictions of tanuki in Japanese folklore. Shukaku itself can translate to "drunk" in Japanese. Like other tailed beasts, its innate rage and bloodlust influence its behavior, and it relishes the opportunity to kill anyone in sight.

Ability: Sandstorms, has the control of Wind and Sand manipulation.
Bijuu Strength Ranking: 8th
Bijuu Chakra/Stamina Ranking: 9th
Symbolic Element: Wind

Current Status of Bijuu: (Not released into rp as of yet)

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