The road until now

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The road until now

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Its a time of war and conflict where virtually there is no concept of good and evil. There is only a concept of doing what benefits your village the most. You see villages making alliances because of their like minded natures. In this story there are 2 alliances; 1 between the Leaf, Mist, and Sand villages who all want to colonize all the villages to ensure the equality between every man. Sharing resources and man power to create an idealistic equal and peaceful world. The other alliance is between the Lightning and Stone Villages who all want to preserve the individualism of all peoples in the world to allow each different person to progress in the manner they choose without being forced into one direction by someone else. Because of these conflicting belief systems the smaller villages become battle fields and receive collateral damage. The world is at war and there is no good or evil and going rogue ninja will surely result in your killing or humiliation but which alliance shall you belong to. The choice is yours user...

This rp is not set preceding or proceeding the Naruto timeline but rather exists perpendicular to it from the point where the Sage Of Six Paths first molded chakara.

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