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Frog Contract

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Frog contract

These toads hail from the deep mountains. They are all capable of speach, and very loyal, even willing to sacrifice body parts for the summoner. Though most of them cannot use jutsu of their own, they can lend chakra to the summoner, so long as the summoner and the toad are making contact with each other. The toads all respect a giant Sage Toad, which can forsee the future. While this toad cannot be summoned, it can be sought out by the holder of the contract. The Snakes and Birds consider the Frogs prey and they will usually attack each other on sight.

Name Chakra to summon: Frogs chakra: rank needed Description

Guardian Frogs

20 40 Sanin Two frogs that will perch on the summoner's shoulders and allow him to use his Sennin Hermit Mode.

Can perform jutsu


20 40 Sanin Gamabunta is a grumpy and highly apathetic character. He doesn't like to take orders from anyone, unless the summoner is highly talented and earns his respect. Jiraiya, Naruto and the Fourth Hokage are three of the few people that he has allowed to ride on top of his head without question (although Jiraiya admits that he can't completely control Gamabunta, and Naruto had to struggle for Gamabunta to accept him). He uses some Japanese words that only a yakuza gangster would use, but he is portrayed as an ultimately powerful and positive force.

He can perform jutsus, and no other toad accept the guardian toad will attack him.

Giant frog

9-12 20-40 jounin
Bigger than most buildings and can immitate buildings and can shoot water out its mouthes- 2 cp per water spout. Can talk and perform Reverse Kuchiyose.

12 40 jounin is the giant fog jiriya summon during the saskue retrvial arc. Can easily use it's tounge as a weapon
Gama ama 9 35 jounin can spit oil and wter out of its mouth

Medium frog

6-8 15-25 chunin Human sized can walk on water. Can form whirlpools by swimming quickly. -2 cp per whirlpool
6 25 chunin skilled with a spear

7 25 chunin skilled with a sword
Gaman 6 20 chunin
skilled with poison
Small frog 3-5 0-10


Baby sized can track by smell

5 5 Genin can track by smell and speak to relay messages.

3 3 Genin can track by smell and speak to relay messages

Frog Summon Jutsu

Gama Daira Kage Ayatsuri (Toad Flat Shadow Control Technique)- a Ninjutsu technique that allows The summoner to merge into the shadow of a foe. Jiraiya can then fully control the victim from within their shadow, allowing him to more easily infiltrate foreign territories. If he has to use his other jutsu, he must emerge from the shadow. Once he fully emerges, the hold over his victim is broken and they regain control of their body.
A rank- 4 chakra

oundings into a soft maleable organ which he can manipulate at will. This ability to manipulate allows him to bind and hold the opponents he faces.He can also disguise the surroundings and use them as a protable base.
A rank- 5 chakra

Gamayudan (Toad Oil Projectile)- a Ninjutsu technique used by the Sannin Jiraiya. After gathering oil in his mouth, Jiraiya can spit the oil at his opponent. The consistency of the oil can then hinder the movement of some materials, such as paper.
C rank- 3 chakra

Katon • Gamayu Endan (Toad Oil Fireball)- a Ninjutsu technique utilzing the Fire Element. Done in partneship with Gamabunta, the summoner will stand atop Gamabunta's head and form the seals for a Katon jutsu. Gamabunta will draw oil within his gullet and then expel a jet of it. When the fire of the summoner's katon hits the oil, it ignites into a huge flaming fireball.
Depends on the user
4 chakra for Gamabunta

Ninpou: Kaeru Kaeru no Jutsu (Frog Conversion Technique)- a Ninjutsu technique . Using his connection to toads, The Summoner will form a hand seal and then touch the forehead of his target, turning them into a frog. This jutsu is useful as a means to scare another into talking. The true nature of the jutsu is unknown. The target may not actually be turned into a frog. They instead might actually have a frog summoned in their place under cover of the smoke, while they are sent elsewhere.
B rank- 4 chakra

Toad Disguising technique- Can change the size and shape of all toads above Gamasan on the contract.
C rank- 3 chakra

Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison
This technique summons a Gourd Toad a small, gourd-shaped toad, from Myōboku Mountain. The victim is then dragged into the toad's stomach, which is isolated from the outside world by a barrier. Inside the toad's stomach is a lake of strong acid that will dissolve anything that falls into it. The target must fall into a trap of some sort to be vulnerable. Usually used in combination with Barrier: Dome Method Formation technique.
S Rank- 6 chakra

Hiding in a Toad Technique
The user summons a special Diving Toad from Myōboku Mountain and hides inside its stomach. The frog is able to dive up to a hundred meters in fresh water, making it especially useful for infiltrating enemy camps that are surrounded by a river or a lake. The stomach of the frog also has a special barrier that obstructs chakra, protecting the user from detection-type ninjutsu. C rank- 3 chakra

Summoning: Toad Shop Technique
This technique summons a Shop Toad from Myōboku Mountain. This toad has the ability to transform into a large store. The target is then lured inside, for example with the promise of cheap drinks. Once the target has entered the store, the toad changes back into its original small form, trapping the target inside the toad's stomach.
B rank- 5 chakra

Sage Methods/Senjutsu
Only those who possess a high chakra level can invoke Senjutsu (Above Jonin level). The user is required to balance his/her physical and spiritual energy with the natural energy he/she gathers from Nature. If the user puts too little natural energy into using Sage techniques, the technique will not initiate. If the user puts too much natural energy into the techniques, the user will start to turn into a frog. Furthermore, while gathering Natural Energy, the gatherer must remain absolutely still in order to be one with Nature. Someone who absorbs Natural Energy without having been trained by the Frogs will turn into a frog statue and essentially die. There is no chance of recovery.

Sennin Mode is a combination power-up used by the summoner and two Guardian Toads. The summoner will summon the guardian toads to his shoulders and fuse with them using the Hermit Art: Amphibian Technique. Once in this mode his physical strength and speed will increase intensely. His body can also alter even more to include such things as toad legs and arms to increase his mobility. Once in this mode, the three Sennin can use their own unique jutsu or combine them for an even deadlier attack. Most often, the Frog Sennin are used to gather natural energy for the summoner's sage mode without the summoner having to be perfectly still. With the two frog sennin on one's shoulder, Sage mode never deactivates.

Sage Mode Technique-
Description-The user gathers natural chakra from around them. The user then transforms to some degree, gaining simple red rings around their eyes, which turn to those of a toad. In perfect form the user is able to mix natural energy with their physical energy and chakra to make Senjutsu. Lasts five posts.

Effects- The user changes appearance and begins to gather natural energy.
Gains 5 NE points.
Standing still gathers 1 natural chakra per turn. Must be completely still.
Each Senjutsu technique utilizes one natural energy point as well as using the ninja's chakra and stamina.

To initiate: the user must remain perfectly still for two posts gathering natural energy. After that point, Sage Mode is activated. Shadow clones are often used to overcome this weakness in a battle situation.


Requirements- Must have signed the toad summoning contract. Must learn technique from Myouboku Toads on the mountain.

Hermit's Art: Amphibian Technique
This technique is used by guardian toads to fuse with the user. Easily becomes second nature to the user and the toads.
D rank

Senpou • Goemon (Hermit Art:Burning Oil) is an elemental combo attack used by The Summoner and his guardian toads in their combined "Sennin" mode. After entering Sennin mode, each Sennin will form a hand seal and then expel their own unique substance. The user will emit oil, mother toad will emit fire to ignite it and father toad will emit wind to fan the flames.
B Rank- 5 chakra

Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Singing- This sound-based Genjutsu is used by guardian toads. It is extremely powerful, and is said to be the most powerful Genjutsu in the toad arsenal. Since it is Sound-Based, it can capture multiple opponents at the same time. After the toads synchronize melodies, those opponents that hear it are left completely paralyzed. Once trapped, the opponents are trapped in an illusionary cube of water that is guarded by four toad samurai. The opponents' bodies are left unable to move and can freely be attacked by the users or their allies. Despite its great power, it takes some time for the toads to use the technique (2 turns of the user) to synchronize melodies, and since it uses sound, it gives away their location, allowing opponents to attack them while it is prepared.

Toad Sword of the Sages- Summons a nearly indestructible sword that has shapeshifting abilities. This sword is summoned by the Guardian Toads. (The blades Jiraiya impaled the three Pains with after incapacitating them with the Toad Confrontation Singing technique)
B rank- 4 chakra

Fire Release: Big Flame Bullet
This technique is a bigger version of the Fire Release: Flame Bullet. Just like with the normal Flame Bullet, Jiraiya spits out a fireball of flaming oil. However, because the fireball is augmented with Senjutsu chakra, it is many times bigger than the normal Flame Bullet.
B rank- 4 chakra

Frog Kata: Toad Fist Style
The Frog Kata is a fighting style used exclusively by those who have mastered Sage Mode. The Senjutsu chakra used during Sage Mode activates the body in various ways, enhancing the user's speed, strength and durability. The natural energy used to create Senjutsu chakra also creates an aura around the user, giving their attacks more range. The Frog Kata allow these enhancements to be put to practical use.
A Rank
Increases range of Taijutsu to one foot from the user's actual body. (Until such time as its proven it can stretch farther.)

Hermit Technique: Rasenrengan
The Rasenrengan is simply two Rasengan used simultaneously. Once created, both Rasengan are used at the same time with greater force than a single, regular Rasengan. It is different than Twin Rasengan, because Twin Rasengan uses one Rasengan at a time to attack, while this technique uses both Rasengan at the same time.
S Rank- 8 chakra

Hermit's Art: Frog Call
Both guardian toads sing, releasing large, loud, and powerful sound waves that effectively annoy, distract, and temporarily paralyze the target.
A Rank- 4 chakra for each toad

Hermit's Art: Great Ball Rasengan
This is the Hermit Mode equivalent to the standard Great Ball Rasengan. The regular Great Ball Rasengan requires that the user make one shadow clone to form the attack and then wield it. When using its Hermit Mode variant, however, he is able to use two clones to form the attack in both of his hands and then give the Great Ball Rasengan to the clones to wield by themselves. This technique is capable of blasting even extremely powerful summons or tailed beasts several feet into the air.
S Rank- 12 chakra

Hermit's Art: Hair Needle Barrage
In Hermit Mode, the user bends down and his hair strands turn into needles and flurry at the opponent. This is the fastest attack in the toad arsenal (barring the War of Words Techniques), and covers a wide range. Can easily strike extremely fast targets.
A Rank- 5 chakra

Hermit's Art: Wind Release Dust Cloud
Shima spits out a massive cloud of dust from her mouth, blocking the target's vision. The dust cloud is large enough to hide a summon as large as Gamabunta.
B rank- 4 chakra

War of Words Binding
The Toad Sage guardian toad uses this ninjutsu technique to locate targets. After focusing Senjutsu chakra to their snaking tongue, the toad will extend it to seek out hidden foes. Because of the natural energy in the tongue it can then emit a chemical to mark and subdue the hidden attacker. As fast as the needle barrage and Decapitation, but only one target at a time. Has no limit to range as of yet. Suspected to be 300 meters.
B rank- 4 chakra

War of Words Decapitation
. After focusing Senjutsu chakra to his snaking tongue, the guardian toad will extend it towards his opponent. Because of the natural energy-augmented chakra built up in his tongue, it will become superfast and sharp. The tongue can then easily cut through most foes.
A rank- 5 chakra

Gamabunta's Jutsu

Huge Water Bullet Technique- A large version of the Water Release: Water Bullet Technique

Oil Release- Releases Oil from his mouth in huge quantities

Hopping Tremor- Jumps causing huge tremors through the ground

Sky Jumping- Can jump way into the atmosphere, out of sight of the human eye.

Combination Transformation

Toad Tounge Lash- Uses his Long tounge to attack opponents

Toad Tounge Chakra Absorbstion- Absorbs chakra with the beads on his tounge. Invented by Shi Sasuke

Yakuza Sword Decapitation- Uses this to break the hold of another. Cuts off appendages with the sword.

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