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Dog Contract

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Dog's Name
Chakra to Summon Dog's Chakra Rank to Summon Description

Legendary Dogs


Description: Entei is a lion-like creature covered in brown fur with a long, thick mane covering its neck. It has gray plates surrounding the cape that makes it look as if smoke is coming out of a crater on its back. Entei has white paws and black cuff-like bands on its legs, It has a red face with a white plate that resembles a handlebar mustache on its face, and a three-pointed yellow crest on its forehead. Entei's head appears to resemble a kabuto, a samurai helmet.

20 40 Sanin A legendary dog that stands at 6'11 and has an array of abilities. Entei can shoot flames that are hotter than volcanic magma. It also sports limited mental powers. When it roars, it can make a volcano erupt on another part of the globe. It has a mastery in fire techniques which include releasing a heat wave, a technique called eruption where he spews a stream of molten lava from his mouth directed at the opponent. Entei's fire also has a healing effect, burning away disease and evil auras. Entei has psychic abilities as well, he is capable of communicating with his telepathic ability (NO HE CAN"T MOVE THINGS WITH HIS MIND); Entei also has the ability to create a wall of light which can reduce the damage of techniques.


Description: Suicune is a blue leopard-like creature which stands at 6'7 with white rhombus-shaped spots and a white underside. Suicune has a purple cape that resembles a northern aurora or a flowing river and two white streamer-like tails, strangely these tails are never seen flowing behind Suicune, a possible effect from the Northern wind blowing from behind it. It has a hexagon-shaped crest on its forehead and has cat-like paws.

20 40 Sannin Suicune has the power to purify dirty water and can walk across water. Northern winds always seems to blow where ever it shows up. Because Suicune is the embodiment of the north winds, it is able to learn and use almost every attack with relation to the wind and ice. Suicune, like the other Legendary Dogs, is also extremely fast. It also sports limited mental. powers. It also has an ultimate attack called Blizzard where it summons a a blizzard which covers 50 meters and can freeze an opponent who stays in for 5 turns. Suicune possesses the psychic abilties mentioned above for Entei.


Description: Raikou is a yellow tiger-like creature that stands at 6'3 with black stripes that resemble lightning bolts and a white under-side. Raikou has a skinny, light-blue tail with a star-shaped formation at the end. Raikou appears to have a purple cape that is supposedly made of thunderclouds. Most of Raikou's face is white with a light-blue "X" on its face and a gray crest on its forehead. Raikou has red eyes and long fangs in its upper jaws that make its appearance similar to the sabre-tooth cat.

20 40 Sannin Raikou has the ability to shoot bolts of lightning from the rain clouds on its back. Raikou can also attack using its fangs and has limited mental powers. Raikou has also shown an ability to create storm clouds from its cape, allowing him to fly. Raikou has the previously mentioned psychic abilities and is owner of lightning technique known as thunder; a bolt of lightning is shot from the thunder clouds towards the opponent causing them to be paralyzed, this takes 2 turns. If this attack strikes the ground it can make a shock wave which creates a crater 30 meters in diameter.

NO other Dog in the Dog contract will fight the Legendary Dogs.

Cerberus 20 40 Sanin 3 headed dog who can breath fire without using chakra. He also specializes in fire jutsus, also this dog and Emma of the monkey contract will not attack each other. Its pretty fast, with a thick pelt to protect it against attacks.(C and D ranks do almost no damage. High A and S ranks can pierce the pelt.) Its saliva is even dangerous because it has an half acid effect on things . It cant totally burn something but the saliva will sting.

[NOTE: Can shoot fire from his mouth, 5cp for each attack. Cerberus fire attacks are S rank.]

Giant dog 9-12 20-35 Jounin Bigger than most buildings. These dogs can talk and perform Reverse Kuchiyose to take summoners back to their realm.

Two Headed Dog 10 35 Jounin This dog has two heads. It is said to be the son of Cerberus. Each head shoots a different elemental attack. The one on the left side shoots out water. The head on the right shoots out Lightning.The costfor these attacks, 5 cp for each attack.

[NOTE: Can shoot Water and Lightning from there mouth. The water and lightning seem to be that of an A rank. 5cp for each attack.]

Rex 10 35 Jounin This dog can shoot water out of its mouth. The cost of the water 5 cp for each attack.

[NOTE: Can shoot water from his mouth. The water seem to be that of an A rank.]

Rajiex 9 35 Jounin This dog can shoot out Lightning from it's mouth. The cost for Lightning attacks is 5cp each.

[NOTE: Can shoot Lightning from its mouth. The bolts seem to be that of an A rank.]

Medium Dog
6-8 15-25 Chunin Human sized. There at Akamaru size in the Shippuden
Cho 8 20 Chunin Cho is a dog that is capable of mastering and using weapons.
Dhou 7 18 Chunin Dhou is a dog who has sharp claws. His claws are as hard as diamond. He also can do earth jutsu. 3cp for every earth attack.
[NOTE: Can shoot out earth senbons or mud from his mouth. The senbons and mud seem to be that of an B rank.]

Dog Squad 6 15 Chunin This is the dog squad. There are 4 dogs in this squad. These dogs were meant for spying but are also great in attack.
Dekou 6 15 Chunin This dog rely on his speed.

Small dog

3-5 0-7 Genin A regular dog sized. Akamaru size before the Shippuden.
Edon 5 7 Genin This dog is one of the smartest dog in this contract. He's not the type for fighting which is why he's at his rank. But this dog can also speak.
Pikkon 5 7 Genin A powerful dog that a Genin can summon. This dog has great speed.
Prok 5 7 Genin This dog wear's shades. He is great at offensive attacks.
Sune 4 5 Genin This dog is one of the smallest in the contract. He is capable of shooting fire from his mouth.
Dex 4 5 Genin This is Rex younger brother. Unlike his older brother he can't shoot water from his mouth. But he can however use weapons.
Wu 4 5 Genin A dog who is used from spying.
Shun 3 4 Genin A dog who is great at deffending others.
Su 3 4 Genin A dog who has great speed, and is great in offensive moves.
Quin 3 4 Genin A dog who is great at distracting others.
Drun 3 4 Genin A small dog.
Chomp 15 20 Jounin A dog who has a strange power to change it's shape, and size. He is is capable of using all Inzuka techniques.
Dog Sages 25 20 Jounin The user gets two dogs on each shoulder which can help him using techs. Each dog has 20 chara that it can use and they share all of the user's techniques. The user gains a 50% increase in speed and strength.

Dog Contract Jutsu:


Dogs Great Claws:
Cp: 2
Description: The user hand will glow blue, it would then take the shape of a claw. The user hand is now shrouded in a blue arua looking claw.

Fang Assault lvl.1:
Description: The user summon two dogs to attack the opponent and bind him. The user would then launch an attack at the opponent while he's binded.

Paw Thrust:
Cp: 2
Description: The user takes their plam and attack the opponent in the chest with it. This would hurt the opponent badly because the user had coated their palm with chakra.


Flying Fang:
Description: The user jumps in the air and will glow blue. The user would then launch a arua that is shaped like a dog version of the user. The blue arua will attack the opponent.

Rising Fang:
Description: The user would uppercut the opponent and slam the opponent in the chest while the opponent is in the air. 2 dogs will appear and bite the opponent from the back.

Tracking Fang:
Cp: 4
Description: The user sense of smell is sharp to that of a dogs. The user can now find the opponent, if the opponent is gone from the user sight.

Bare Dog Barrage:
Cp: 6
Description: The user makes three clones. The clones would then transform into a dog. The user would then take the three clones and launch them at the opponent. The clones would also have dogs charactertics. So there teeth would be sharp.


Dog's Combo:
Cp: 5
Descroption: The user jumps in the air and summons two dogs. The two dogs would swiftly and with great speed attack the opponent from all direction while the user finish the opponent off.

Kick Of Steel:
Cp: 5
Description: The user will run at the opponent and kick the opponent with full force. This isn't a regular kick. The kick seems to be 10x stronger than a regular kick.

Earth Style: Fanged Pursuit Jutsu:
Cp: 6
Description: The user would do a string of handsigns, the user would summon 3 dogs. the 3 dogs will sink underground and attack the opponent from underneath. the user will then also appear infront of the opponent and attack him.

Elemental Fusing:
Cp: 4
Description: The user summon a dog, the dog will lend the user some of it's abilities/elemental abilities. The user will then have the dogs abilities.

Dog Mode:
Cp: 7
Decription: The user will then start to get hairy. He will then grow a dogs snout and large sharp teeth. The user will look like a half-human half-dog. The user can also fuse with dogs from the contract and gain half of there abilities.

A Swiftly Death:
Cp: 6
Description: The user will summon two dogs. the two dogs will dissappear with the user with them. The Opponent will then get attack from all direction from the user and the two dogs. They will swiftly and silently attack the opponent from all angles/direction.


Fangs Assualt:
Cp: 6
Description: This is the same as the first lvl. but the summon this time four dogs. Two dogs will attack the opponent from all directions while the two other dogs will hold him in place. The opponent will also be left open for the user to attack him.

Summoning: Dog's Fury:
Cp: 7
Description: The user summons five dogs. They will all disappear and attack the opponent. They will seem like a blur to the opponent.

Dogs Roar:
Cp: 6
Description This genjutsu goes for the dogs in the dogs contract.[Dog Sages] The two dogs will do a roar. The roar is powerful enough to paralze an opponent.

Hell Roar
Cp: 7
Description: This genjutsu is initiated through sound. When the opponent hears the user roar, the opponent will suddenly feel as though chains around his wrists and ankles have seized his body. Then, the world around him will change to a dark firy pit. The surrounding land will appear barren and dead, and the sky is red as blood.[Hell if you wish.] The opponent will feel as if a pack of while dogs and wolves are attacking the opponent while he's tied up. The opponent will feel this overwhelming pain in his mind, although his actual physical body is not being harmed. Because the opponent feels as if he is being restrained in the illusion, his physical body is also unmoving, making the utilization of Kai- Release usless. Although pain inflicted to the victim’s physical body will cause the genjutsu to be broken. When the opponent is finally released from the genjutsu, he feels as though he has been tortured for hours. The opponent will also be in a state of mental and emotional despair and fatigue, giving the user an advantage for the remainder of the fight. Particularly weak-minded, may even pass out.
[NOTE: Takes two turns on the third turn the effect's of the genjutsu will occur.]

Dog Mode:
Cp: 7
Decription: The user will then start to get hairy. He will then grow a dogs snout and large sharp teeth. The user will look like a half-human half-dog. The user can also fuse with dogs from the contract and gain half of there abilities.

::Roru will be all beat up. "I'll win in this one move right here." Ruro had bit his thumb and summoned a two headed dog. Roru started to get hairy, his teeth more sharper, Roru nose and mouth started to look like a dogs snout. His sense were highen he could move faster and sense of smell was improved. Roru wold start to fuse with the two headed dog. Ruru didn't have two heads but he had the abilitiy to do both water and lightning base attacks. Roru charged at the opponent and was shooting water from his mouth.::

Elemental Fusing:
Cp: 4
Description: The user summon a dog, the dog will lend the user some of it's abilities/elemental abilities. The user will then have the dogs abilities.

::Roru would summon Rex. Rex would then lend Roru some of his powers. Roru would then be able to do water base jutsu.::

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