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Snake Contract

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Snake contract

Info: a race of gigantic snakes of a usually sour disposition. They consider the Frogs and Salamanders prey and will usually attack them on site, and are wary also of the Birds, who consider the snakes prey, and will also attack the Birds on sight in most cases. Extremely powerful ninja can prevent this from happening.

Chakra to summon
Snake chakra
Rank to summon

Name: Snake Guardians
Chakra to summon: 8
Snake chakra: none
Description: After Learning the location of the Everglade of Serpents from the snake summoning contract, the Shinobi must spend a year there, defeat Manda, earn his respect, and complete the Snake assimilation. They then will be awarded their own gaurdian snake with which to do what they want.
Rank to summon: Sanin

Name: Manda
Chakra to Summon: 20
Snake Chakra: 40
Description: The largest and most powerful snake, a descendant of the original King Snake. Manda demands 100 human sacrifices everytime he is summoned, unless the summoner's power is sufficient to force Manda's subserviance. Manda respects only power and nothing else. No other snake will fight him. Rank to Summon: Sanin

Category: Giant Snakes
Chakra to summon: 9-12
Snake Chakra: n/a
Description: Huge snakes bigger than most buildings. These snakes can talk and all snakes above this point can perform Reverse Kuchiyose to take summoners to The Everglade.
Rank to summon: Jounin

Name: Giant blue Snake
Chakra to Summon: 11
Snake Chakra: n/a
Description: A huge blue snake that cant talk but is strong
Rank to Summon: Jounin

Name: Giant 3 headed snake
Chakra to summon: 10
Snake Chakra: n/a
Description: A huge three headed snake that cant talk but is strong
Rank to summon: Jounin

Name: Giant snake
Chakra to summon: 9
Snake Chakra: n/a
Description: A huge snake that cant talk but is strong
Rank to summon: Jounin

Category: Big Snakes
Chakra to summon: 6-8
Snake Chakra: n/a
Description: Long snakes That About the size of humans
Rank to summon: Chunin

Chakra to summon: 8
Snake Chakra: n/a
Description: A Long snake that crushes its victims
Rank to summon: Chunin

Chakra to summon: 7
Snake Chakra: n/a
Description: A snake that rips its enemies apart
Rank to summon: Chunin

Chakra to summon: 6
Snake Chakra: n/a
Description: A snake that chokes its victims
Rank to summon: Chunin

Category: Normal snakes

Chakra to summon: 3-5
Snake Chakra: n/a
Description: Normal snakes
Rank to summon: Genin

Name: Venomous snakes
Chakra to summon: 3
Snake Chakra: n/a
Description: Snakes with venom
Rank to summon: Genin

Name: Plain snakes
Chakra to summon: 3
Snake Chakra: n/a
Description: Snakes with no venom
Rank to summon: Genin

Move List:

Snake Assimilation (Sage Technique)- After spending a year in the Everglade of Serpents the user will take on snake-like properties. The location of the glade can only be decerned from the snake contract. The user gains a Jacobsen's organ, allowing them to detect scent particles, heat, and electricity around them. Their eyes take on the appearance of snake's eyes, and they can communicate through unknown means with all Snakes. They gain an incredible affinity for Doton jutsu and immunity to poisons. Sannin

Senei Jashu- two snakes emerge from the sleeve of the user and attack the opponent. 3 cp genin.

Senei ta Jashu- A ninjutsu technique that manifests a torrent of snakes (no more than twenty), which erupt from the sleeve. The ninja can extend these snakes which will attack a target, usually by wrapping around and biting into the target to hold and bind them.

Mandara no Jin- Using ties to snake summons, the user will release a torrent of serpents (hundreds), from his or her mouth. The wave of snakes will then rush towards the target. A powerful enough attack can stop the network and destroy the snakes.

Snake Mouth Hiding- the user can hide in the mouth of any summoned snake. This provides protection from most concievable attacks. B rank 3 cp.

Razor scales technique- with 5 extra chakra the summoner can summon a snake of the same properties as the desired snake, but with razor scales capable of easily cutting through most hard substances. These scales also provide excellent defense against most attacks.

Guardian snake jutsu- the user coordinates with their own snake guardian to create their own custom jutsu.

Venomous sound genjutsu- The user channels a hissing sound through a chakra infused jacobsen's organ to create a hissing sound. Anyone who hears the sound will perceive that they feel sick and begin to bleed from their eyes and nose, while in reality they are simply standing still. If caught in the jutsu long enough a person will truly begin to manefest the effects of the jutsu.(Takes two turns to take full effect, and requires a guardian snake to be hissing with them.) S rank, 10cp and .5 to maintain.

Skin shedding technique- The user sheds their skin, or even a part of their own body and regenerates it quickly, easily avoiding small scale damage. B rank, 4cp

Poison immunity- Snake assimilation users gain a total resistance to all but the strongest, completely undiluted neurotoxins.

Thousand scales constrict technique- the user summons a large snake. The snake then performs a Doton jutsu in which it writhes around underground, collapsing the ground into a crushing vortex. A ranked, must be able to summon a large snake.

Snake palm- A 50 foot viper with a paralyzing neurotoxin shoots from the user's palm. It is capable of tunneling with the horns on its head, which have diamond durability. It has regenerative proporties and when its head is cut off 3 sprout in its place. S rank 8 cp to summon.

Yamata no Jutsu (Eight Branches Technqiue:( With massive modifications to a summoners body, he or she can use this jutsu, along with a significant amount of chakra, to generate a gigantic, eight-headed white snake, Yamata no Orochi. Due to it's large size, the snake can cause massive destruction. The user can travel, and create clones that emerge from the mouth of the snake, ready to attack. The user is located within the snake at some location. The user can live indefinately within Yamata, only needing food and water to survive.

Doton- Nanatsu Fuseji no Naraku(Earth Style: Seven Circles of Hell.)- The user slams his or her palm into the ground and creates a massive upwards explosion of earth which does not harm the user. Creates a powerful destructive force in about a 50 meter area. S rank 12 cp

Jagei Jubaku - Snake Authority Spell
Rank: C
Description -Jagei Jubaku is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by Orochimaru and Sasuke. Using Orochimaru's snake abilities, the two men can extend large snakes from their sleeves, which will coil around the target and bind them. The further addition or the user's murderous intent can weaken their target's resolve. With the removal of Orochimaru from Sasuke, this ability may be gone.

Mandara no Jin - Myriad Snake Net Formation
Rank: B
Description -Mandara no Jin is a Ninjusu technique utilized by the Sannin Orochimaru. Using his ties to snakes, Orochimaru will release a torrent of serpents from his mouth. This wave will rise and rush towards his target. These snakes can also open their mouths to extend Kusanagi blades. A powerful enough chakra wave can stop the network and destroy the snakes.

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