The laws of the land

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The laws of the land

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 04, 2009 12:01 pm

1. Admins are the law. Don’t argue with us, and if you have a problem with one of us, bring the problem up respectfully to another mod, so as to avoid as much argument as possible. If you disobey any mod repeatedly they have the right to ban you for a day (24 hours)

2. No sexism, racism, or any other kind of -ism. That is just rude.If you are caught repeatedly doing any of these -isms then you will be banned for a day

3. Be respectful. This goes without saying. Try to be respectful not just to the Mods, but to everybody else aswell.

4. No Porn, Hentai, or any other obscene materials will be allowed. If you post something obscene, then you will be automatically banned from the site for a day.

5. No God modding. God modding takes many different forms.

The most annoying form by far is Active God modding. This occurs when a genin says that he killed a kage. This will never happen, nor is it even possible. Be reasonable.

Another form of God modding is Passive God modding. This occurs when somebody creates a barrier (or something similar) that nobody can pass through. You are by all means allowed to make it extremely difficult, but you cannot make it impossible.

6. Posting Responsibilities. You don’t have to be on every second of your life, but for the sake of the RP, if it comes to your turn to post, and you do not post within two days, the people that you are role playing with has the right to skip over you. That means that if you are in a fight, and you do not post in two days, then your character takes whatever damage the opponent gave out on his previous post.

7.This is not a rule but rather a suggestion, if you are rping with someone it would be prefered if you were on a messenger client with them, so as to prevent the long waiting times and allow fights to flow more easily.

8.A dodge can and never will be as simple as -I dodged- . This is called dodgemodding and will not be tolerated at all on this site. If you want to make a dodge then you must post a descriptive write up on exactly how you got out of the way of this attack. The only way that -I dodged- will even be considered remotely applicable as a dodge is if a kunai is thrown at you and it isnt going that fast. Repeated dodgemodding will result in a day ban.

9.No bothering the mods for an approval. We are humans too and it is our plan to approve all content as soon as possible, but users must also realise that the mods have lives outside of the rp and sometimes can be too busy to approve something. (Note that I , Big_O, will try to make sure that if content is posted a day will not go past before it is approved.)

10.No bothering the mods on wanting to become a mod. The mod selection process is a very difficult one and it isnt helped by people spamming of boards by people wanting to become a mod on the site. However if you want to become a mod on NarutoDOC add me (Big_O, email listed in the forumn) and after talking to you for a bit if the need for a mod ever comes up then you could be the next one to be added.

11.No Spam……nuff said, its a bad way to get posts and reflects badly on a site. If you are caught spamming you will be given a warning and if caught spamming again you will be banned for a day.

12.If you break the rules repeatedly after being banned then it can result in a ban for a week, month or even total banning from the site altogether.

13. If you want to affiliate with us then please contact Big_O and dont make any posts on the forumn.

14. If you guys have an argument or something outside of the rp then please settle it outside of our site. We dont have any drama on this site and would like to keep it that way.

15.Characters will have the ability to marry however they want to within the rp but no rape posts guys……

16. You can curse as much as you want to throughout the rp, but try to keep a tab on it as we would like to keep the environment family friendly

17.These rules are subject to change at any point in time by the Administration as long as they are REASONABLE changes and everyone is informed about the changes before they are enforced

18.(for mods only) Big changes to the site will not be made unless Jah or myself are informed of it and we one of us approve.

19. When you join make sure you post on the New Member Board so everyone can give you a Big NarutoDOC hello!


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