Bird/Hawk Contract

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Bird/Hawk Contract

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Bird/Hawk contract

Chakra to summon
Birds chakra
Rank needed to summon

Info: A race of majestic birds that consider themselves above every other summoning group. They never associate with any other summoning group, but consider the Frogs, Salamanders, Snakes, and Bats prey. Thus, they have many enemies.

King of birds
A giant bird that is stronger than any other bird
NO other bird in the bird contract will fight the king of the birds (doesnt include Yomigan bird contract) Has the ability to perform any of the bird contract jutsu. Since he is the king of birds, his jutsu are two times stronger than they normally would be.

A bird bird that has all 5 elemental abillities, and can perform all of the jutsu in the bird contract.

Giant birds
big birds with a elemental ability jounin

a bird that can transform into a bird made of fire also it can shoot fire from its mouth

Water bird
A bird that can transform into a bird made of water also it can shoot ice from its mouth.

Earth bird 10 n/a a bird that can transform into a bird made of steel also it can shoot boulders from its mouth jounin

Lighting bird
a bird that can transform into a bird made of lighting also it can shoot thunder from its mouth. Also travels faster than any other bird in the contract.

Big birds
birds big engough to ride on chunin

Big hawk
a big hawk capable of d-rank jutsu chunin

big eagle
7 n/a
a big eagle cabable of d-rank jutsu chunin

big blue jay
a big blue jay capable of d-rank jutsu chunin

big dove
a big dove capable of d-rank jutsu chunin

Normal birds
normal birds

blue jay 3 n/a a normal blue jay genin
hawk 3 n.a a normal hawk genin
eagle 3 n/a a normal eagle genin
Dove 3 n/a a normal dove genin

Contract Jutsu

Bird Shuriken- This is like a summoning jutsu. One on handed hand seal is made, and a bird shuriken fires from the user's sleeve. It is a one handed hand sign because this allows the user to aim while doing the technique. The bird shuriken is a bird made of steel, that travels as fast than any high speed taijutsu. Most people do not even see the bird shuriken itself, but the trail of energy that it leaves behind. This is due to the fact that it works a lot like a jet, pushing energy out to go faster. Up to twenty can be summoned at one time. C rank .5 cp per shuriken

Screech- The user emits a high powered blast of sound, that can vary in strength. Genin can cause an opponent severe discomfort. Chunin can cause severe pain. Jounin can bust an opponent's eardrums, and knock them out. Sannin/Kage can blow away buildings. 2 cp for Genin, 3 cp for Chunin, 5 cp for jounin, 6 cp for Sannin/Kage

Hawk Eye- Gives the user amazing sight, which varies. Genin can see barely better than normal. Chunin can see much clearer. Jounin are able to see up to a half a kilometer away as if they were there. Sannin/Kage can see two miles with pinpoint acuracy. This jutsu only increases visual range, and nothing else. Genin 1 cp .5 to maintain; Chunin- 1 cp .5 to maintain; Jounin- 2 cp .5 to maintain; Sannin/Kage- 3 cp 1 to maintain

Bird Mouth Hiding- The user is able to hide in the mouth of any bird. A rank 3 cp (User only has to pay for chakra when hiding in a bird smaller than themselves.)

Thousand Bird Shuriken Jutsu- The user does a string of handsigns. One thousand bird shurikens appear in the area around him, and they are summoned facing the opponent. These bird shuriken also move much faster, and because of this added speed, they can slice through normal swords like butter, making it a highly effective technique. S rank 8 cp

Hawk Sage Techniques- These techniques can only be learned after spending a year in Yama no Suzaku, and defeating the King of Birds. They also grow a huge affinity for Sound and Wind jutsu.

Bird Gaurdian- Every Bird Sage has a Gaurdian Bird, which is small enough to perch itself on the user's shoulder. Bird Gaurdians are groomed for people at the time that they sign the contract. They quickly learn all of the jutsu in hopes that one day they will become a bird sage. Being a bird gaurdian brings meaning to their lives. 15 chakra to summon. Gaurdians have 30 cp for techniques.

Ultimate Screech Technique- The user, along with their Gaurdian Bird, use a highly powerful screech technique, which can easily blow away a city block. The charging of chakra creates an intense humming sound, and cracks the ground around the user. S rank 15 cp

Sennin Mode- Feathers cover the user, and wings shoot out from his back. His feet and hands turn into talons, able to shred through things with diamond like hardness. The user can fly at twice the speed of high speed taijutsu. To control this, the user gains a very powerful version of Hawk Eye. This allows the user fly at top speeds, but still have complete manuverability. S rank 5 cp to activate

Shadow Feather Technique- This is a long term mind controling ninjutsu. The user plucks a feather from their gaurdian bird, and stab the pointy end into the victem's neck. The feather is absorbed into the nervous system, giving the Gaurdian Bird, and thus the user, complete control over the victem. S rank 10 cp

Weaknesses- Can only control actual characters for a short period of time. Can be released by an outside presence. The user of this technique must manually put the feather in the victim, meaning the user cant manipulate the feather, it has to be wielded as a kunai would.

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