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Name: Ninku, "The Ghost of the Hidden Mist"
Age: 22
Height: 5'10
Weight: 145lbs
Gender: Male

Personality: Ninku, despite his status as an famous and powerful shinobi doesn't seem to have that much of an intimidating appearance, despite his reoccuring empty, yet intense gaze. He possesses a skill not many have, which is the ability to have incredible self-control of his own emotions. He generally never loses his composure, even when surprised or caught off-guard. He doesn't seem to possess any arrogance as he is easily able to back up any statement he makes regarding his own prowess, and at times he would even compliment others if he deems they good at fighting. Outside of battle he appears to be extremely respectful, yet most of the time quiet. He also seems like a pacifist, trying to avoid battle if he could. However when drawn into battle he changes, and becomes a cold, callous being. He is also highly perceptive, intellgent, cunning and analytical. He posses a great intuition which also allowed for him to seemingly never be decieved.

Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Rank: Kage, Mizukage
Clan: N/A

Chakra Type: Water, Lightning, Wind, Cloud
Specialisation: Ninjutsu, Weaponry (Kenjutsu)

Overall ( Read) = 100

Chakra Points=
Chakra Control=


Birth Arc:
Ninku was born in Kirigakure no Sato on November 29th to a member of the seven swordsman and his secret wife. Upon birth the two were very scared for their son as he was pale, however not just a regular pale, his skin was actually white. Ninku's fate was already decided before he was even born. He was to learn to way of the ninja as well as the way of the sword, and when the time came he was to replace his father as a member of the Seven Swordsman. His parents decided to focus on his ninja training and once he was used to their method of fighting he was to learn kenjutsu as well as the way of the sword.

Ninja Academy Arc:
Ninku entered the ninja academy in Kiri at the age of 6. It was extremely difficult for such a young child to be in the academy of the blood mist with such a frail body and weak, childish mind, yet Ninku pulled through and survived. After 4 years in the academy, because he started off at a young age, he graduated early in the top of his class. He was now one of Kiri's youngest genin in history, and after being exposed to the traditional bloody mist academy, he was a harden child. He was taught to hardly express emotion which led to his future ability to greatly control any and all emotion he had.

Genin Arc:
As a genin, Ninku excelled. He quickly began learning his elemental affinities and participating in numerous missions. His skills in Ninjutsu as well as weaponry were excellent for a genin and his skills in taijutsu were also very good. However, Ninku's genin days were cut short as he was seperated from his team for some time to be trained by his father and the other seven swordsmen at the time.

Apprentice Arc:
After one year of being a Genin, Ninku was deemed to have acquired enough ninja skills and it was decided by his father that he should begin his training as a swordsmen now. Ninku was introduced to his father's blade and its abilities, however he wasn't allowed to use it just yet. Ninku's father had prepared a unique training for his son to teach him to the unique ways of fighting with the "Ghost Blade". Ninku had to learn kenjutsu first however. Ninku was given a standard katana blade, similar in weight and size to the Ghost blade and he trained with that blade for 3 years. At age 14 he was a gifted and very skilled swordsman. He continuously fought against his father in one on one sword combat and after he had showed his prowess, his father decided to take it up a notch. He showed Ninku and ability of the blade and began to fight him using it. Ninku had to fight against a sword that could turn invisible and intangible, as well as do the same to its user. During this training Ninku learned stealth and timing an attack. After training like this for 2 years, Ninku returned to the world of the ninja and participated in the Chuunin Exams. With his skills as a ninja still sharp and his swordman skills unmatched by any within his rank, he was promoted to chuunin.

Chuunin Arc:
As a Chuunin, Ninku began training and merging his two unique fighting styles. He slowly was mastering the ways of a ninja and a swordman and incorperating both styles into his own fighting style. Around this time he started training with his father's blade. Getting accustomed to his future sword, he trained hard to form a bond with the sword that was used in his family for a generation. He knew he had a lot of pressure on him as he had to take his father's place in the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Ninku began preforming much more difficult missions, completing 25 A-ranks as a Chuunin and an addition 50 B-ranks. Through these missions, Ninku acquired a name for himself as a powerful shinobi. He was soon sent out on his first S-rank and when he came back from the mission with success he was immediately promoted.

Promotion Arc:
Upon returning home, Ninku was given Jounin rank and it was finally time for his test. He had a one on one fight against his father, and after the two clashed for what seemed to be hours..rumored to have lasted 2 days and nights, Ninku finally defeated his father. After the fight the two passed out and when Ninku awoke, he was no longer an apprentice, but a full-flegded member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He replaced his father and finally got his blade. Soon after, Ninku mastered the powers of his father's blade which was also known as the "Ghost Blade". He soon gained the alias "The Ghost of Kirigakure" and became a well known ninja not only in Kiri, but the general ninja world. He was quickly considered one of the most powerful swordsmen of the Hidden Mist, and he decided he wanted to start training an apprentice soon.

Chosen Arc:
Ninku due to his many accomplishments was chosen to be trained by the Mizukage himself as a Saanin. Ninku attained numerous additional skills and began to tap into his mothers hidden ability of using the Cloud element. Ninku trained in his specialities as well as his new talent. He accomplished several S-ranks as a team leader or by the side of the Mizukage himself. After getting the reputationof completing above 30 S-ranks, 100 A-ranks and well over 100 B-ranks+, Ninku became known as Kirigakure's best asset aside from the Kage itself. Ninku then decided that he should test his skills among the best to see how he faired. This led to him taking over the seven swordsman of the mist being the strongest swordsman of them all.

Kage Arc:
After further his capabilities, rumor around Kiri was that Ninku should try and take the Mizukage position. The Mizukage decided that it was time to hand down the position to Ninku. The Mizukage handed the title of Kage to Ninku, who was 21 at the time, becoming of the Kiri's youngest Kages. Soon after the previous kage was assassinated by enemy ninja. A year has passed since Ninkus take over and the village has become much more properous. However Ninku seems to have changed slightly, having different ideas in mind for the future of Kiri and the ninja world.

Weapons and Tools:

~ Kunai
~ Explosion Tags
~ Wire
~ Food and Soldier Pills
~ Katana

~ Konpaku
Owner: Ninku
Appearance: Konpaku is a standard looking katana with a white hilt and a white sheathe.
Length: 3 inches longer than a standard katana
Width: Standard Katana width
Material: Unknown Material
Weight: Standard Katana weight
Abilities:Konpaku's ability strongly is shown by the meaning of its name. Konpaku is a ghost blade with three main abilities. The first ability is for the blade of the sword to be able to turn invisible, however the interesting thing with this is how it turns invisible can be manipluated so the entire blade doesnt have to be invisible at once. The second and main ability is the swords ability to become intangible. Similar to the invibility ability, the sword is able to either make the entire blade intangable or sections of it. If sections of the blade is made intangible, the sword will not break apart or anything, it will always remain whole and connected. The sword up to this point doesnt require chakra and can be activated remotely, or by will. The swords final ability is to grant it's owner its ability for a great chakra cost. Konpaku is a very loyal weapon, only working for its master. The sword is capable of sensing whether its owner is alive or not and if the owner is alive but someone else is in possession of the blade, the blade will merely become intangible to the point where he cannot be gripped by anyone else.

Special Attack: Invisibility and Intagibility. The invisibility ability has no down sides, however the intangible ability can only be kept active for three posts with a five post cool down before being able to use it again. If the owner uses the invisibility ability of the sword on themselves they can only maintain the ability for 3 posts and afterwards there is a 10 post cooldown. However using the ability on oneself severly cuts the users chakra. Also great chakra control is needed to maintain the ability so the user generally isnt capable of performing any type of ninjutsu or genjutsu while using the swords ability.

Info: How Konpaku came into existance is unknown, however the sword shares a great tie with the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Village. Konpaku has been passed down from master to apprentice within the Seven Swordsman and was known to be one of the most unique and powerful blades the organization has ever utilized. Konpaku was handed to Ninku from his father. As the final owner of the blade, Ninku used its power gained the Title "The Ghost of the Hidden Mist".

Clan Jutsu: N/A


Name: The name of the technique (include the japanese name if it is a cannon technique. This rule does not apply for customs)
Type: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu
Rank: The rank of the technique (E, D, C, B, A, or S)
Description: What does the technique do? (Cannon techniques should give the Naruto Wikia description)


Name: The name of the technique (include the japanese name if it is a cannon technique. This rule does not apply for customs)
Type: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu
Rank: The rank of the technique (E, D, C, B, A, or S)
Description: What does the technique do? (Cannon techniques should give the Naruto Wikia description)


Name: The name of the technique (include the japanese name if it is a cannon technique. This rule does not apply for customs)
Type: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu
Rank: The rank of the technique (E, D, C, B, A, or S)
Description: What does the technique do? (Cannon techniques should give the Naruto Wikia description)

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