Good to be back(open)

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Good to be back(open)

Post  Big_O on Wed Dec 28, 2011 12:29 pm

Koga was in the middle of the leaf village just happy to have become a genin. This was not satisfying however. He longed to be the best and he knew that there were a lot of skills that he lacked and needed to re-up on. He watched as couple walked by arm in arm. Why couldnt he be like them? Why was happiness this strange concept that seemed so elusive to him. He could never be content. He stood and watch the people moving around him and tried to compare himself to them. They all seemed better somehow. Koga's head sinked to the floor in thought. The winds swirled around him blowing loose pieces of garbage over the floor.

*Someone should really pick that up* Koga thought.
He walked over and started picking up the rubbish when a figure caught his eye. It was a sign for his favourite cafe'. His stomach started to moan uncontrollably, almost begging him to go to the there.

"Well I guess when hunger strikes, right?" Koga said to himself.

He started making his way towards the familiar route to his favourite eating joint. He would go there and order what he always did. A cup of tea and a large croissant laden with mounds of creamy butter. A nightmare in terms of his diet, but Koga was not too concerned about that at the moment. He felt he deserved some form of reward for his efforts.

Koga entered the cafe and was greeted with a smile from the waitress behind the counter. Koga would walk up to the barstools, gingerly pull one out and take a seat right in the middle of the bar. The waitress beamed as she entered his usual order into the cash register.

"This one's on the house for the newly registered genin," the waitress began.
"I'm so proud of you Koga"

Koga smiled and thanked the waitress as he picked up a newspaper that was sitting on the bar and began to read.

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