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Post  jah_chidori on Wed Dec 28, 2011 12:13 pm

OK guys all the tweaks have been made you can now post your characters into the character section, make sure you read the new plot first (very interesting material). Also to further delight we have many high ranking positions open to start off the rp (its easier to get approved if characters are theme based to the plot and village that they are in. Particularly the kages will have to be heavily themed based). Watch this topic to see if the positions are still open over time, just remember each bio is to be criticized.

Ranks Available per village:

Leaf: 3 Sannin, 5 jounin, 5 chuunin; 2, and 9 tails

Sand: Kazekage, 2 Sannin, 5 jounin, 5 chuunin; 1 and 4 tails

Mist: Mizukage, 1 Sannin, 5 jounin, 5 chuunin; 3 tails

Stone: Tsuchikage, 3 Sannin, 5 jounin, 5 chuunin; 7, and 5 tails

Lightning: Raikage, 3 Sannin, 5 jounin, 5 chuunin; 6 and 8 tails

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