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Strider Character

Post  jah_chidori on Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:40 pm


::Basic Info::


:User name: Jah_Chidori

:Name: Airon Masamune

:Age: 50

:Gender: Male

:Height: 6'11

:Weight: 270lbs

:Personailty: Strict, Objective, On guard, Judging, Strong Willed, Knowledgable, Wise

:likes: sake, ramen, making weapons, training prominent students, reading, studying, worshipping hesphestus

:dislikes: The Feudal Lords, ignorance, arrogance

:Marital Status: Single

:Family: none remaining

:Friends: Batoesai

:Rivals: none

:Loves: Wife (now deceased)


::Basic Info Continued::

:Weapons: many weapons that he created himself, sealed in a scroll

:Tools: seals placed all over his body containing Iron sand

:Custom Weapons: will create many custom weaponry

:Ninja Village: Darkness

:Ninja level: Sannin

:Chakra: 70/70

:Sensei: None

:Team: Batoesai

:Clan: Masamune

:Bloodline: Masamune

:Element: Lightning, Earth, Iron,




Elemental :

All Iron sand techniques, chidori, chidori nagashi, chidori senbon, chidori sword, kirin, underground fish projection, mud overturn, earth dragon projectile, earth style wall, earth style rampart, earth style split, earth flow river, earth barrier earth dome prison, false darkness, stone lodging destruction, kakuzu's body hardening, hardening jutsu, raikiri, revolving plit earth palm, earth corridor, swamp of the underworld, all iron sand variations of desert ninjutsu, earth clone, Plasma Ball.

Non Elemental :

shadow clone, shadow clone great explosion, rasengan, great ball rasengan, ultra ball rasengan, substitution.


interrogation technique, false place, journey into darkness, death foreseeing


Has incredible strength, advanced Craftmenship ability

Fuuinjutsu :


Kinjutsu :

Forbidden Craftsmenship ability: this allows the user to forge weapons by unnatural means by receving aid from the underworld at the expense of the life of a mortal. NPC can be used fort this.


Airon was born of the satetsu clan, like all others he had received a seal at birth. Growing up Airon learned from a young age that his clan was enslaved by the feudal lords giving him an unmatched hatred towards them. When he became a chuunin at the age of 12 he went on an A ranked mission in the land of the craftsmen where many were expected to die, there was a huge battle there, between rogue ninja, and the craftsmen forces, all sides surffered devastating losses, the enemy was destroyed, and at the end of it all, there was only one shinobi left on the battle field alive, Airon had survived the battle, but passed out, he was nursed back to health by the villagers, and decided to remain in the country to escape his enslavement in the stone village, he didn't let information of him surviving get out. He remained there for several years, he would eventually get involved with cult that worshipped hesphestus. Airon did so faithfully, and because of this, hesphestus gave him the power and inspiration to attain a level of craftsmenship only matched by masamune and hesphestus themselves. By the time he was 20 he had created over a thousand unique weapons, and mastered all clan techniques. Using his new abilities he returned to the stone village he aided batoesai take power over the stone village, he had met Raisake Uchiha, who had recruited him for his unique abilties

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