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Isoro Ketsueki

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Picture or a description of appearance:

Name: Isoro

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 150 lb

Gender: Male

Age: ? Looks late twenties early 30s with strong facial features, and deceptive kind-hearted eyes. The most handsome you will ever see if mask removed

Personality: give a paragraph with at least four lines worth of information regarding your characters personality traits and tendencies.

Village: Where you are affiliated with or were previously affiliated.Check them all out before choosing….

Rank: Genin at start

Clan: Choose a clan and list your bloodline.

Chakra Type: What types of elemental jutsu can your character use (Fire,Water,Wind,Earth,Lighting)

Specialisation: choose your chars specialties this only choosen after chuunin lvl (Tai, Gen, Nin, Med, Weapons)

Overall ( Read) = 20


Quickness= 20

Accuracy= 20

Dexterity= 20

Chakra Points= 20

History: A description of you….

Weapons and Tools: The stuff you carry around with you. Preferably sharp, dangerous, or useful. You know…Ninja stuff. NO GUNS!


Jutsu Format:
Name: The name of the technique (include the japanese name if it is a cannon technique. This rule does not apply for customs)
Type: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu
Rank: The rank of the technique (E, D, C, B, A, or S)
Description: What does the technique do? (Cannon techniques should be given the Naruto Wikia description)

Clan Jutsu: if applicable

Ninjutsu: Pick some

Genjutsu: Pick some

Taijutsu: Seriously…Pick some

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