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Ninja Overalls

Post  jah_chidori on Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:27 am

The overall system works as follows:

The ninja has an overall averaged out from 5 attributes, these attributes being- strength, quickness, dexterity, accuracy and chakra.
At the end of each thread dependent upon the quality of the thread, attribute points will be allocated to members involved. Quality meaning length isn't everything but how you come across in your post is. Each rank starts off with a different overall. Because of the overall system's nature there are no limitations meaning if a character is extremely skilled and active they are not limited to anything.

Genin Start with 20 overall.

Chunnin Start with 35 overall.

Jounin Start with 50 overall.

Special Jounin/ Boshoku Ninja/ ANBU Captain/ Hunter Ninja/ Tracker Ninja Start with 75 overall.

Sannin/ Boshoku Leader/ Village Leader Start with 90 overall.

Kage/ Boshoku Founder Start with 100 overall.


Jutsu- This statistic determines the strength of the jutsu you use.

Health- This statistic determines how long you will survive.

Strength- A measure of the characters ability to exert physical force.

Quickness- The speed of reaction to a rapidly changing situation. It determines who reacts first during a crisis, allowing a quick witted character to get the jump on a foe. Quickness is closely related to the Dexterity attribute.

Accuracy- The degree of fine motor control required to manipulate delicate objects. It is related to Dexterity, but more focused on hand-eye coordination.

Dexterity- The relative ability to react physically to a brief event. It differs from pure exertion of strength, and requires tight coordination between the central nervous system and the musculature. This attribute is used to evaluate most competitive physical skills, such as striking a target with a projectile, or dodging a blow.

Chakra Points- The amount chakra that is stored in ones body.

Chakra Control- In Naruto, chakra takes time and a great deal of training to gradually build up. Thus, the key is not actually having chakra, but being able to sufficiently control and conserve it. Everyone has chakra, but only skilled ninja can correctly "mould" and "manipulate" it to its fullest extent.

To give an overview of how overalls work here's an example given a genin character to further explain the system-


Overall= 20

Jutsu= 20

Health= 20


Quickness= 15

Accuracy= 25

Dexterity= 20

Chakra Points= 30

Chakra Control= 20

These values average out to 20 overall. You can put as many points as you want into an attribute as long as it averages out to what it is supposed to be at your starting rank.

Note: this example is for when you are starting i.e. posting your character. Once it is posted and accepted the starting attributes will be those that you made values for and to increase them you would have to post on rp threads and acquire a grade. Which ever grade you get and attribute points the mod awards you determines how much points you can add to your character.

Statistic Range/Difference

This sub-section of the Ninja Overall System is to indicate the existence of the range or more appropriately the numerical difference in certain statistics during a battle you are having with a rper in character. (Eg. If your characters strength is 50 and your opponents strength is 60 the difference would be 10 strength stat points, so not the same, and as a participant in this fight one would want to have some preemptive knowlege of how they measure up against their opponent in any particular statistic.) Now this sub-section is to indicate what one can do in situations where the stats have a massive or minute difference in battle. Here are the Stat Difference Bands (Note: This can also apply to overalls);

- 1>10- No Noticeable Difference in ability (No huge difference in overall)

- 10>20- Slight Difference in ability (In regards to overall difference can be seen easily but not on the grounds of being easily out matched)

-20>50- Clear difference in ability (In regards to overall we begin to see the tendency to be outclassed by characters in an incredibly dominating fashion and cannot compete unless in a 2 on 1 situation)

- 50> 70- Handicapped Difference ( In overall terms to take on someone with an overall that is 50 above your own or viceversa then there is no chance to compete with this person unless in a group of at least 3 ninja)

- 70> ?- Flawless Difference ( In terms of overall then we reach into the realms of the dimensions which allow instant kills to occur in this level of stat/overall difference)

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