Arashi (Bloodline/ Clan)

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Arashi (Bloodline/ Clan)

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:41 pm

The Arashi Clan

History and Origins: This clan is extremely old. It is as old as the ninja world itself, and its members are elite "storm" jutsu users. They have always had natural affinity for storms. It is said the clans progenitor and founder Raiden became a god of storms by sealing the power of a storm in his own body, forever changing him. This is how Arashi cam to have such a close bond with the great storm spirits. Near the clan's foudning, it is said that an Arashi married and had childeren with a member of the legendary Rinnegan clan, and that this is where they cained their doujutsu powers from.

Kekke Genkai: Avatar of the Storm

The Arashi clan bloodline trait gives them a nartural affinity towards lightning at birth, and allows them to learn water and wind extremely quickly, usually by the time their chuunin exams come around. It allows them to produce extremely powerful electrical charges, and magnetic pulses naturally in and from their body, allowing control over metal. (Note the doujutsu is not needed for this, Arashi are born with that ability) There is a powerful doujutsu called, "Eyes of the Tunder God" which allows them to see and "sense" the electrical fields in all living things over huge distances. Over centuries of constant effort using this doujutsu, they have gained the ability to increase their brain capacity as the power of the doujutsu increases. This allows them to access the hidden powers of the human body. It grants photographic memory. While this memory is nowhere near as focused as the Uchiha Clan's Sharingan Memory it can analyze jutsu and using their increased brain power, master it exceedingly quickly if it is explained. It grants, incredible, pinpoint, almost precognitive accuracy in their movements and attacks. Using the doujutsu, Arashi can see the electrical impulses in the brain, and temporaritly be able to think and react at the speed of the electrical impulses. Using this they can tell where an opponent is going, and what they are going to do, and so, they are able to predict movements with sharingan-like accuracy. The eyes naturaly plot all routs of possible movement, and by selecting a sort of "median" of probable location, an Arashi's attacks will almost never miss. This happens instantly, without actual thought on the doujutsu user's part. Using the doujutsu, they can control the electrical impulses easily in their body, so all but the strongest of genjutsu will fail.

Level 1(genin-chuunin): At this stage, the user is able to use the clan doujutsu, create magnetic fields from their body(as a defensive manuver, the user can create magnetic fields of the same, or even opposite polarity causing the two fields to either violently repel each other, or vioently attract each other), well as control metal around them (think Satetsu) for a radius of 25 meters and 50 meters is the max range at which the doujutsu works(2cp activation cost). Genjutsu of E-C rank won't work. 20% of their brain capacity.

Level 2(Jounin): At this stage the doujutsu user is able to use up to 50% of their brain capacity without suffering any harmful side effects. Range of doujutsu and magnetic manipulation is increased to 200 meters for the doujutsu(3cp activation cost), and 100 meters for magnetic manipulation. At this stage, even greater insight into the electrical impulses in the body is given. Genjutsu of C-B rank won't work. Due to increased brain capacity, jutsu are learned in 1/2 the time.

Esp: User is able to psychically predict attacks from a specific opponent, allowing them to avoid damage for 1 move if th emove can be dodged by forewarning. (each time this ability is used it costs 5 cp, so they couldn't just keep doing it)

Level 3 Ascended: The user has completely mastered all aspects of the bloodline. can increase brain capacity to 100%. This stage will cut the chakra costs in half for all moves and allows complete mastery over the doujutsu and magnetic manipulation. The doujutsu will work over a range of 1000 meters, magnetic manipulation will work over 500 meters. No illusion, except for the very strongest of genjutsu will work. Avery nuance of electrical impulses can be seen by the eyes. Few have ever achieved this stage. E-C rank in 50 words, B-A rank in 75, S in 100 words. Can only be unlocked as a Sannin and you must have special training from one who has already unlocked it.


(Note: Elemental ninjutsu can be learned by anyone, they were simply created by the Arashi clan and must be learned from an Arashi. They are not hidden jutsu.)

Freezing Wind: After the user has performed the needed hand seals, they will expel an intense, foucused gust of air that can coat objects in a layer of ice.

C rank, 5cp

Whirlwind Spin: The user will begin to spin, and a tormado will appear around them. They can then move around, still spinning, and envelop their opponents and send them flying violently away. The wind is strong enough to deflect most attacks. This move can be combined with Freezind Wind for a move powerful attack.

C rank, 4cp

Lightning Torpedo: After performing the needed hand seals, the user will launch themsleves at great speed at their opponent, covered in lightning. They carry much force, and being hit with this attack is akin to being hit with a cannon ball. They user is not harmed by this attack.

C rank, 4cp

Wind Slice: A fast moving blade of wind created by an upward mostion of the user's hand, to slice their opponent in half.

B rank, 5cp

Wind shield: The user creates a barrier of wind to protect themselves. Chakra costs depends on the strength of the shield.

Wind Explosion: The user creates an explosion of wind that spreads out in all directions, with themselves as the epicenter. Chakra cost depends on the strength of the explosion.

Breath Taker: The user creates a column of razor wind around the opponent that sucks all of the air out of the area within. This puts the target in a precarious very position. The air is sucked out of the area with such force that most people's lungs collapse immediately, but assuming they do not, anyone trapped inside the column will soon suffocate unless they can find an alternative to breathing, or brave the razor wind by trying to escape, which should slice them to ribbons. B rank, 5cp

Drill Wind: User creates fast spinning winds around their hands in the shape of a drill that can bore through solid rock at level one, and at level to it can tear through steel. At level three, it's like rasengan, but it will actually cut things to ribbons. B-A rank, 4-10cp

Shrapnel: The user creates a grenade sized ball of spinning wind that sucks up debris from the surrounding area and compresses it tightly within. At the user's command, the ball will explode releasing it's contents in all directions and at high velocities. C rank, 3cp

Air of Superiority: User increases oxygenation processing efficiency in the blood for increased endurance, speed and agility. C rank, 4cp

Human Torch: User increases oxygen concentration around the opponent, or a specific object or area, causing the area effected to be extremely flamable and combustable. It will not cause an explosion, but as oxygen supports combustion, merely make any flame that happens to light near the opponent flare up and have a much longer life span. D rank, 3 cp

Atlas Falls: After the needed hand seals, this jutsu increases air pressure around the target, slowing them down and eventually crushing them beneath the weight of the sky itself if they cannot escape. The user of this technique must remain stationary but this jutsu is mainly an immobilazation move. Breath taker is usually used as a follow up to this move. C rank, 4cp

Wind Clone: This jutsu creates clones out of the wind that can take hits without being dispelled but an extremely hard hit will destroy them. (.5 per clone with no chakra. To create a clone with chakra, it costs whoever much chakra the user puts into the clone.) C rank

Shadow Cyclone: Creates a cyclone that spits out clones, of any kind, of the user in all directions which attack the target at random intervals. 7cp for every 20 clones. Clones will disperse after 1 hit, and can't use any jutsu. B rank

Free Floating Anxiety: This jutsu creates a cushion of fast spining wind a few inches off of the ground that makes it impossible for anyone who hasn't trained on a surface like this one to maintain their footing. For ones without training, solid footing is impossible, while those who have had training can skate along the air currents with ease for increased speed and agility. B rank

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Re: Arashi (Bloodline/ Clan)

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Static Detection (Bloodline Move:( This jutsu allows an Arashi to extend a field of static electricity along with their magnetic manipulation fields from their bodies that gives even greater insight into their surroundings, allowing them to see everything that the electrical field touches, as if looking at it from every angle simultaineously. This does not reach beneath the ground like the electrical sensitivity of the clan however.

A rank, 5cp to activate reguardless of level.

Chakra Detecting Rain Manipulation Technique: This jutsu will actually conjure a storm and let loose a rain. Within the storm, the user can detect the level and location of chakra traveling through it with uncanny accuracy.

A rank, 5cp to activate, lasts 100 posts.

Ninjutsu Defense: This powerful ability allows an Arashi to absorb jutsu that are foucused on them, including non-bloodline pure chakra attacks such as Rasengan. This ability is a remanent of the power of the Rinnegan, though it is weaker in that with elements, the user can only absorb attacks from the Water, Lightning, and Wind elements. Jounin Level Skill. (10cp)

Avatar of Storms Technique (Bloodline move, Arashi Storm Release):

Arashi Trinity: This ability allows an Arashi to transform into their elements to achieve the following effects for each element.

Avatar of Lightning: User is able to transform into lightning and "strike" wherever they wish to be next. Can fire lightning at the opponent, as well as control their own lightning jutsus. (5cp to activate, each chakra based lightning attack using the power of this move costs chakra. Lasts 20 posts)

Avatar of Wind: User is able to transform into wind and back again which allows them the power of flight. Can move very fast as air in this form, reforming at will. Can control and fire strong gusts of wind, create small tornadoes, slicing winds, as well as their own fuuton jutsu. (5cp to activate, each chakra based wind move using the power of this move costs chakra. Lasts 20 posts)

Avatar of Water: This allows an Arashi to transform into a being of water. It grants shape shifting abilities to some extent. This allows them to twist and contort their body streching long distances and living in water. Learning the water element they are immune to freezing, or feeling cold from their jutsu. Can control their water jutsus. (5cp to activate, each chakra based water move using the power of this move costs chakra. Lasts 20 posts)

Avatar of the Storm: This can only be learned after all three elements have been trained and learned by an Arashi. It is the ultimate form of the Avatar Techniques. In it, an Arashi can transform in to a storm Avatar state in which the user can use the abilities of all three Avatar states, instead of 1 at a time. (10 to activate, each chakra based attack using the power of this move costs chakraJounin level, must have learned all other parts of the technique. Lasts 25 posts)

Seiteki Moyoushi (Static Gathering:( Strengthens the electrical impulses in whatever the eye is foucused on, and draws in electricity from all around, coating the object in it. This is how the final jutsu is aimed. This allows an Arashi to completely see the object with incredible clarity, as if seeing it from all angles simultaneously, as it appeares in actuality. This can't be fooled by any technique. This part of the jutsu is simple, and level one users of the bloodline can achieve this level of the technique. This jutsu can also be performed on entire areas, extending the range of the doujutsu, but this can destroy the accuracy of the final attack, as the bolt would be bound to the targeting area. The target would feel an electrical, static presence around them.

Rank: D
Cost: 1cp

Overload: This second stage of the jutsu is a second level skill. It can only be performed if Static Gathering has been performed, and it further takes control, and causes the electrical impulses, and the electricity around their opponent to go violently out of control, causing the opponent to become paralyzed for the duration of the jutsu (1post). This does not have to be active for the actual technique to be effective.

Rank: A
Cost: 5cp

Tenrai Konzetsu no Jutsu (Heavenly Eradication Technique:( This is the S ranked final level of the doujutsu technique. It is the single most feared jutsu of the Arashi clan. Using the electrical field around the opponent as a targeting becon, the user will summon a bolt of lightning with incredible power. It will pierce through and destroy anything, and can penetrate even into the ground to destroy it's target. The only way to avoid this techinque is to stay out of the actual sight of the user to avoid Static Gathering, as this is how it strikes the foe, using the first jutsu as a guide. It's speed equals Kirin, and coupled with the targeting accuracy effect make this an extremely deadly technque for its pinpoint accuracy, and incredible destructive force.

Rank: S
Cost: 35cp to use at level two.
Raiton: Kanashibari no Jutsu

It the target looks into the eyes of an Arashi, they can be shocked and immobilized. This jutsu allows an Arashi to temporarly take control of, and overload the electrical impulses in the targets body, and use the electricity in the opponents body against them, similar to how a genjutsu would work. This ability happens instantly, and is one of the clans more feared moves.


At level one (Jounin level), the target will simply be paralyzed for a short while, similarly to Kanashibari no Jutsu, except that there is pain involved, akin to being shocked. The force of the jutsu can send the opponent to their knees. Movements will be stiff and sore for the remainder of the fight. (5cp)

At level two (Sannin level), the target's senses will be overloaded, and they will be knocked out immediately. The force of the jutsu will cause the target to collapse immediately, and after they wake up, movements will be stiff and sore.(8cp)

Storm Spirit Summoning

This ability lets an Arashi summon the shape shifting spirits of the storm. They can appear as anything, and can change their form at will, even to the extent of becoming a swirl of cloud. Chakra points depend on the size of the spirit. The spirits can appear as completely real animals. Non doujutsu eyes would not be able to tell the differance in any way. Jounin level skill.

Tenken: Convergance: This powerful doujutsu of the clan creats a gathering field of electricity, chakra and swirling, slicing winds on a target, producing a massive suction that can easily pull objects in the surrounding area in. On the second post of this, an almighty explosion will take place that will destroy almost anything. Combined with the doujutsu this can be a dangerous move. This technique works much the same as Mangekyou Implosion. On the first turn, the target will notice a slight electrical presense, as well as feel a wind flowing toward where the explosion would take place. ((20cp+5 to move the convergance point, Level Two Doujutsu Required, S rank))

Tenken: Chimeteki Rakurai (Divine Punishment: Lethal Bolt of Lightning)

One of the most powerful Arashi clan jutsu. It conjures up a gigantic blast of lightning that will follow the opponent at incredible, frightening speed. The attack moves at a speed comparable, and equal to Amaterasu of the Uchiha clan, and it has been speculated that it is the same jutsu, of the lightning element. The lightning will pierce though and completely destroy anything it touches, no matter what it is. The blast is also quite large, and seems to have a will of it's own. The user must blink with at least one eye to use this technique.

Chakra Cost: 25 (Level Two Doujutsu Required, S rank)

Fujin (God of the Wind)

This powerful jutsu allows an Arashi to summon a gigantic swirling vortex of wind and pure chakra around themselves that can be any shape. In the middle of the malestrom, a figure seemingly made of gusts of wind and chakra takes form. It can attack by sending tornadoes, and huge gusts of wind and chakra that can slice almost anything to pieces. Fujin's size is massive. It can reach the size of Gamabunta, or Manda. The wind and chakra is so strong, that most attacks will simply fail against it. The chakra component of the jutsu reflects all foreign chakra, and is an ultimate defense for the user. The attack is only susceptible to S ranked fire jutsu, and only barely then. The user usually remains in the middle of the vortex, protected until the end of the technique, though this is not always the case. Lasts 5 posts. ((30cp, Level Two Doujutsu Required, S rank))


Said to be the ultimate technique of the true masters of the Arashi clan bloodline trait. The body of a fallen opponent can be taken over by an Ascended Arashi doujutsu. The targets eyes will be changed, and the body would take on the power of the Eyes of the Thunder God, as well as all other Arashi clan bloodline traits. All of the user's clan moves will be gained in addition to their own, however, their own bloodline would be completely lost to the body, and they will think and act just as the original user of Samsara does, and the Samsara bodies are interchangable with the user of the technique. The user can summon these at any time, using any of the bodies. Other than the user's own clan jutsu, whatever jutsu they knew in life are only at the use of that particular body. This is the ultimate form of the Arashi Trinity, and only three total bodies can be controlled at one time. This move is a much diluted, but still extremely powerful derivitive of the esteemed Rinnegan's six paths technique.

Rank: S

Level Doujutsu Required: Ascended, can only be learned from the leader of the clan.

Chakra Cost: 50

(Meaning the user must have at least 50 chakra left at the end of a fight to use the technique. At no point in time may there be more than 3 Arashi that know Samsara)

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Re: Arashi (Bloodline/ Clan)

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Lightning Strike Fist: Depending on the rank, the user can charge their taijutsu attacks with chakra producing the following effects:

Lv1-The target will be stunned and paralyzed on the body part struck, being struch in the chest simply causes pain and stiff movement (costs 1 cp a strike)

Lv2- The target will be struck with the force of Gouwan users i.e. Tsunade and Time Skip Sakura. Will produce a large explosion (5cp a strike)

(The bloodline or doujutsu is not needed for this style of combat, it can be learned by anyone, but must have learned it from an Arashi. With intense training, the user can utilize this move from any point on the body.)

Fists of the Thunder God: Using the Eyes of the Thunder God, an Arashi can target an opponents pressure points ((not chakra points)) and using a concentrated burst of chakra and electricity, burst and serverely damage vital points on the body. Hits from this move are extremely debilitating if the right veins and arteries are struck. This can be combinded with lighting strike fist.

Breeze of the Open Air Fist: This taijutsu style uses chakra to create intense, foucused bursts of air that can strike the opponent from as far away as 10 meters with the full force of their attack. It essentially makes taijutsu attacks more powerful, and with a longer range. With level two of the bloodline these attacks are increased in range to 50 meters, and each strinke gains the strength of Gouwan (1cp per strike, not clan specific)

Thunder God's Fury: 10 Strikes of Lightning

This taijutsu technique is an incredibly fast striking maneuver used by masters of Lightning Strike Fist taijutsu. Once the opponent has gone within 5 meters of the user's position, they can assume a very distinctive stance, and they will set upon their opponent with 10 powerful, exceedingly fast strikes to the chest area, backed with Lighting Strike Fist. At the end of the assault, the final strike will send the opponent flying, paralyzed in the arms, and as a result of being struck in the chest so many times by Lightning Strike Fist (Though the power level of each individual strike is lower), will cause them to loose the ability to move at any kind of speed for 10 posts, meaning, jutsu like high speed nin, or taijutsu, body flicker, kawarimi, or any other jutsu that requires speed and precision and coordination of the limbs will be impossible. Due to the wide spacing of the attacks, and the speed at which this technique must be performed, there is very little, if any reaction time and if the opponent gets within 5 meters of the user's postion, the attack will be completely undodgable, and would need to be blocked. This attack causes minor strain on the body.

Rank: A
Chakra Cost: 5cp

Thunder God's Judgement: 100 Strikes of Lightning

This taijutsu technique is an incredibly fast striking maneuver used by masters of Lightning Strike Fist taijutsu. Once the opponent has gone within 10 meters of the user's position, they can assume a very distinctive stance, and they will set upon their opponent with 100 powerful, exceedingly fast strikes to the entire body, backed with Lighting Strike Fist. At the end of the assault, the final strike will send the opponent flying, afflicted with complete paralysis in their entire body, ending most matches. (Though the power level of each individual strike is lower, thus the chakra cost to perform the techinque is vertually non-existant) Due to the wide spacing of the attacks, and the speed at which this technique must be performed, there is hardly any reaction time at all, and if the opponent gets within 10 meters of the user's postion, the attack will be completely undodgable, and would need to be blocked. Doujutsu is not needed, this move puts a strain on the body, and shouldn't be used excessively.

Rank: S
Chakra Cost: 10cp

Fists of the Thunder God: Earth Shaking 10 Lightning Palms of Destruction

This extremely advanced move works the same way as it's counter part, with the same effects, except that now, the results can be far more incapacitating. This taijutsu attack can rupture important blood vessels in the chest area, and injure the heart and lungs which will cause the target to caugh up blood when struck. In addition to the same paralysis effect as in 10 Strikes of Lightning, this technique can cause internal bleeding, leading to the collapse of the opponent in 10 of thier posts. After this, their body will simply give out on them, and they will loose conciousness, and die if medical help is not recieved to correct the damage done to their internal organs, heart, and lungs. This move puts a strain on the body from moving at the intense speeds necessary for the technique.

Rank: A
Chakra Cost: 8cp

Fists of the Thunder God: Earth Shaking 100 Lightning Palms of Utter Destruction

This jutsu works in exactly the same way as 100 strikes of lightning, except that this jutsu can hurt the user's arms if it is used more than 3 times in one battle. The user will move their arms so fast that their speed is slightly above the 7th gate. The move happens so suddenly, if the user gets within 10 meters of the user's position and stance, the attack becomes undodgable, it must be blocked. After the target is struck by this attack, they will have one post to live before their body gives out on them and they will die. It may take 1 post for the opponent to actually die, but they will still be paralyzed as in 100 Strikes of Lightning. This move puts a large strain on the body and shouldn't be used excessively.

Rank: S

Chakra Cost: 12cp


Genjutsu Touch: At level two and above, genjutsu can be transfered by physical contact with an Arashi or a metal object they are holding, though they are fairly easily released. (3cp, costs 5cp to release, doujutsu needed)

Genjutsu Flash: The user will charge chakra to an object or any part of themselves. At any moment a blinding flash of light will occur and can cause blindness in even doujutsu eyes. This part of the jutsu is absolutely real. After the target(s) has been blinded, they will be thrown into a powerful bloodline genjutsu that will require two outside presences to release. (5cp from each outside presence to release)
A rank, 7cp

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Re: Arashi (Bloodline/ Clan)

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