Meguma (Bloodline/ Clan)

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Meguma (Bloodline/ Clan)

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Name of clan: Meguma

History of the clan: In a small village in the southern mountains of Earth Country, not far from the border with Grass Country, three children were born into a farming family. All three of these children displayed not only great intelligence, but the ability to mould chakra, so they were enrolled as part of the newly-founded Iwagakure shinobi programme. As time progressed, the three siblings, all triplets, gained a fire affinity in addition to their earth affinity. Through training, they found that they could combine the two to control lava - so they created their own set of lava techniques which they kept a secret. However, they fell out with the Shodai Tsuchikage and ended up leaving for a remote area of Fire Country, near the border with Sun Country. Here they married and their children possessed the same abilities, but only when they activated a doujutsu: the Fujigan. Soon their numbers grew and eventually, they became a family of priests and monks trained to protect the Fire Daimyo. Unfortunately, a plague wiped out 80% of their number, so they retreated deep into their compound. Now they have once again risen to become shinobi.

Kekkei Genkai: Fujigan (Fuji Eye): Sclera becomes black, iris becomes red with swirls of yellow and orange like lava and the pupil becomes a deep blood-red.


Name Description Rank CP
Lava Kunai Technique User makes lava condense into solid kunai. Genin 1.5 per kunai
Lava Fissure Technique User slams palm into the ground and causes small lava fissures to appear near enemy. Genin 1.5+
Lava Shuriken Technique User makes lava condense into solid shuriken. Genin 1.5 per shuriken
Lava Wall Technique User makes small but weak lava wall appear. Genin 2.5+
Lava Blade Technique User makes blade of solidified lava ranging from a dagger to a zanbato. Chunin 2.5+
Lava Shield Technique User makes shield of lava for personal use ranging in size. Chunin 3+
Lava Barrage Technique User launches several solidified balls of lava at enemy. Chunin 3.5 per solidified lava chunk.
Lava Dragon Missile Technique User launches a lava flow in shape of dragon at enemy. Jonin 5
Lava Armour Technique User creates suit of solidified lava armour. Speed decreases by 60%. Jonin 4. 2 to maintain.
Lava Geyser Technique User creates single geyser of lava underneath single target. Jonin 5
Lava Swamp Technique User turns field into lava field. Sennin 7
Lava Phoenix Missile Technique User launches a lava flow in shape of phoenix at enemy. Sennin 6.5
Lava Wave User launches a wave of lava at enemy. Kage 8.5
Lava Eruption of the Underworld User create giant volcanic eruption occur. Kage 10
Taijutsu: Entenken (Blazing Heat Fist) - user gathers chakra in fingertips and hits enemy all over with fairly fast but strong strikes that cause serious burns on the skin. Jonin and above can cause inner body burns as well.

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