Housenka (Bloodline/Clan)

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Housenka (Bloodline/Clan)

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Name of clan: Housenka Clan

History of the clan: From the name this clan was associated with the mythical bird the Phoniex. Thier ancestors were known to be Tengu (human-birds) and evoled into humans. They still kept thier Phoniex abilities which involved the ability to heal and fire bending. They are also talented swordsman.

Kekke Genkai: Phoniex Mode. In that stage all wounds are healed and fire bending is usable. Jutsus[ninjutsu,genjutsu and taijutsu]:

Ninjutsu: Fire Element,

Fire Dragon

Flame Blast Fire Element, Grand Fireball Technique

Fire Element, Phoenix Fire Technique

Fire Element,

Fire Dragon Bullet Fire Element,

Dragon Flame Meteor: (3cp chuunin) A huge Meteor is made using the Fire and Earth element. When created it attacks the enemy.

Searing Flame (4cp jounin) : Like Chidori except it Fire.

Flame Armor : (2cp genin)Intense heats cover the users body to protect from most taijutsu and weapons.

Dance of the Meteors : ( 4cp jounin)Smaller meteors are created and fired at one locations to wipe it out.

Taijutsu: Dance of the Flame : A beginning kick like lion combo followed by intense punches, kicks and sword slashed. Ends with the sword lit of fire and stabs the opponent threw their stomach.

Advanced Weapon Skill

Genjutsu : Heat Clone : Using surrounding heat a clone is created. Its like a normal bushin and can be defeated easily.

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